DownTown - which one ?

  1. Hi ,,,

    I think the downtown bag is soo perfect for a everyday bag ...

    I want to get my first DownTown ,,,

    SO DownTown Experts what do u advice ..
    which size ( meduim downtown or the large ) ?
    what's the most popular size \ color ?
    what's the classic colors ( timeless ) ?
    Type of leather ? ( shiny , croc , normal ,... )

    Thanks ,
  2. i think the most popular size is medium, and the timeless colour is black and ivory...and classic leather would be buffalo...
  3. I know that downtown is one of the most popular bags now adays ... But Why Not much ppl post in YSL thread !!! No answers , if ur lucky u'll get one or two replays !!! ...
  4. If I only knew YSL would issue the downtown in black patent quilted mock-croc(w/o pockets), I would've waited on buying one until it is available. I would've saved money but ended up with the look I was after. It's the shape of the downtown but the look of the equally much coveted large quilted mock-croc Tribute. Having said that, I own a large quilted mock-croc Tribute and the medium black patent Downtown with 2 outer pockets. The Downtown is a great everyday bag, rain or shine, no worries on wear and tear at all. Hope that helps.
  5. I have a large one, but I think the medium one is actually nicer. Personally I quite like the black patent.
  6. I have the medium - it's a great size, but I think the large is a great statement piece, when I have seen people with one it's a real "Wow!"

    I think that any type of leather is great - the navy patent is amazing, the white buffalo is so classy. I like the black buffalo too, it looks stunning with the gold hardware.

    What goes best with your wardrobe?
  7. i just got the ivory in cervo and i love that it is so functional. the leather is very soft and it's one of my favorite bags right now.
  8. Black, brown, or ivory in buffalo leather (if you prefer the pocket, otherwise go for the deerskin) and whichever size suits you best would be perfectly classic.
  9. OK ... any other thoughts !

    & can u tell me what are all the diffrenet colors / skin type /sizes / pockects or without ????? availble for downtown????
  10. May i ask what is the difference between Buffalo and Cervo leather? Which one is the pebbled one? Is one smoother than the other? I am a bit confused here.:confused1:
  11. You might want to stop by your nearest YSL boutique. Any SA would be happy to pull their downtowns off the shelf and explain the inherent characteristics of different leathers, color availability, and sizing concerns. If you are unable to visit them, check out the YSL website for visual reference of the bags, then call the number of the major boutiques listed there.
  12. the cervo is the one without the front pocket and it is much softer and floppier than buffalo. Texture is somewhat smoother & it's slightly pebbly too.
  13. Thank you. :flowers:
  14. is the cervo the same as deerskin?
  15. I would like to know this too?:smile: