Downtown tote on Bluefly??? Guy friendly?

Hermes Only

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Feb 19, 2007

Im roaming here, 1st time from Hermes Tfers!!

Im contemplating, Thinking about getting a Downtown Long Tote, Dark Brown @

Its a bit cheaper approximately $1300+.

I thought It would be a great tote to carry around for a Guy, like me!

Any Opinions on color...I like any colors except Black!

If I decide on this Downtown Long Tote..should I get it at Bluefly? I always get my bags at thier respective boutiques. I thought Bluefly prices are not bad and I can save on tax.

Have any one of you got the YSL Downtown Tote from If so...Please PM me and let me know what you think.

If purchased, it will be my 2nd YSL bag. My 1st one was the Tom Ford YSL Colonial bag.


YSL Fan here!!


Jan 5, 2006
I got the ivory Downtown from bluefly & it's Gorgeous.. it's the resort -before spring release without the pocket & zippers on the front & that earlier one is lined in beautiful suede. It's a super light great bag. Bluefly has a 90 day return policy so it's easy to return if it doesn't work for you. Look on the Deals & Steals page & find a 10 - 20% discount code to use & you'll be getting a real bargain. There are 20% ones if you haven't bought from them before.