Downtown Toronto - Please Recommend a Hotel

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  1. I will be attending an event at Metro Toronto Convention Centre

    Renaissance and Intercontinental are a bit out of my price range... I have so far narrowed it down to Metropolitan, Strathcona and Novotel so I am looking for the best choice out of the three... thanks in advance :heart:
  2. The Strathcona is meant to be good, I know someone who just stayed there and they liked it, it's in a good location for the convention centre too.

    Are you thinking of the SoHo Metropolitan or just the Metropolitan? I've heard good things about the SoHo and it's just also well located to the convention Centre.
    The Metropolitan isn't as close to the convention centre (it's near the subway though) and apparently isn't as nice.

    I'd give the the Novotel a miss.

    If you're looking for a mid priced hotel The Sheraton isn't too bad, I stayed there a few years ago, it's in a good location (direct access to PATH/Subway), rooms were clean and the service was good.
  3. ^ thanks, Krysta!

    I was thinking of just the Metropolitan (not SoHo). Sheraton is slightly out of my price range so I might then stick with Strathcona.