Downtown style - PICS!

  1. I finally got around to having my pic taken with the Downtown family. I am holding the travel document organizer and on my shoulder is a medium patent bag. On the floor is the large travel carryall. Third picture is my son(holding LULU, our 4.5 mo old wonderpup) as trial subject...I took it to show him howI want the pics to turn out when he takes them.

    :ty:Thanks again to all of you who were kind enough to respond to my earlier post. Hopefully the next "family pic" will include the matching trolley!
  2. :yahoo:here we are!
    downtown style.jpg downtown style2.jpg trial.jpg
  3. :wondering hello? where's everyone?
  4. Wow, what a gorgeous family you have here. Love every piece :love:
    Thanks for posting!

    BTW Your pooch is so cute!
  5. Congrats on your YSL collection.:yahoo: Your LULU is so cute.:p
  6. wow- great pic - love all the bags - are they all patent?
    that carryall is amazing!

  7. Good morning ladies, thanks for the love, hehe.

    Alisonanna, yes, all pieces are patent leather(minus Lulu, tee-hee). I used to think patent was so staid and formal(my mom always bought me black or red patent maryjanes as a little girl!), until YSL came into my life:girlsigh:. This is the carryall I contemplated in a previous post. Thanks for helping me decide for it!

    Karo and Nanaz, Lulu is my kids' petpal but the way she and I bonded, you'd think she's my very own. Talk about puppylove :love:!
  8. You look fabulous modelling all your YSL items! I love the travel document organizer...I don't think I've ever seen that before. :love:
  9. Congrats on the new pieces, I'm sure you'll be an eye-catching traveler with your Downtown family! The travel document case looks like it would fit perfectly in the front pocket of the carryall.
  10. LOVE YOUR OUTFIT and OF COURSE YOUR NEW BAGS!!! LUCKY GAL! oh and btw...your dog is ADORABLE! what bread is she?
  11. Suli, Shazam, Armanigirl, thanks a bunch! Being a sucker for organization I totally swooned over the travel organizer when I first saw it. It has 5 labeled compartments(currency, tickets, passport, documents, traveller's checks) to keep everything handy. Plus, it comes with a detachable loop strap that snaps onto the front brass button so you can use it as a clutch also if you please. This should be on the YSL website under travel.

    PS - Lulu is our fabulous resident Maltese
  12. Congrats! I love the carryall - what a great set!
  13. Stunning bags. I am so happy I bough my violet downtown after seeing all the great pictures here. Too many enbablers......
  14. That is a whole lot of hot going on! Woooo you are one lucky Downtown girl :biggrin:
  15. They look amazing on you!!! I am totally drooling over them. Congrats!!!