Downtown:patent or calf leather?

  1. what do you guys think? sorry,typing with one finger holding baby.

    i want the medium downtown and can't find green in these parts. i'm pretty conservative with bags (all my bags are neutrals,for example) but kind of avant garde with clothes.

    i have to decide betweeb the croc-finish black patent and the black calf leather.

    i know i have to decide for myself,but would like to hear thoughts.

    i have a large plain black muse,so feel like i should go for patent.

    but i worry about the bling factor and trendiness (ie lack of longevity) of patent. also,how does patent leather wear?

    i can play football in mud with my muse and it still looks perfect...
  2. if you could find the regular black patent, maybe that would be a good compromise? I think patent is just as timeless as other leathers if done right. In my honest opinion, I think the croc patent is a bit much for me personally, but on others I've seen it on it looks great. If I had a choice between those two, I would go for the calf leather. as for the green, does Neiman Marcus or Saks ship internationally? or you could call a european ysl boutique. The green's soooo pretty! Good luck!!!

    also i hear dark patent ages well, but we'll see, I just got my navy patent today so only time will tell!!
  3. The patent leather wears really well but it is heavier than the calf or deerskin. I agree with mea about going for the patent, it's a good compromise. I think you will get tired of the croc patent. I work at BG and we ship internationally for $50.