Downtown Lamp Zippers?

  1. Hi All,

    I have noticed that on some bags on eBay they have YSL printed on the zipper rather than 'Lampo' as normal. Is this a clear sign as its a fake?????
    As one of them comes with receipt and is $1700 as a buy it now. Its the Downtown Patent Quilted Tote, (dont know if that makes a difference depending on which model you buy!)

  2. my tribute says ysl on the zipper and i bought it in the boutique, my downtown doesn't
  3. I purchased my downtown from YSL and all the zippers are stamped with YSL.
  4. YSL is on top of the zipper pull and Lampo is on the other side.
  5. Some pictures, I hope this helps: the first two are of the Tribute, the third and fourth are of a Downtown (from Cruise 07, so not sure whether other Downtowns have different zippers)
    Zipper(1).jpg Zipper(2).jpg Zipper(3).jpg Zipper(4).jpg
  6. ^^ my DT (purchased from Bluefly) is as Victoire's...the top two zippers have the YSL stamp on the tab, and the Lampo stamp on the body of the zipper head.

    The zippers on the front pockets do NOT have the YSL stamp
  7. God im confused, as i dont knwo it is differs from downtonw totes. The one im looking at is the quilted downtown croc, and it has YSL printed where Lampo usually is on others (same as the Tribute toe pictired above). So i dont know if that right or not for that model.

    Anyone got the Patent Quilted Croc Downtown Tote? To help out?
  8. Have you tried calling a boutique that has the tote? The last place I saw the Quilted Croc Downtown tote was at Cusp in Tyson's Corner, McLean, VA this weekend. Maybe you can call them and ask them to look for you... - you can find their number there

    Good luck!