Downton Abbey

  1. I'm kind of annoyed with Mrs. Patmore. I understand that she feels horrible that she's lost her nephew, but to push Daisy into an engagement with William is going overboard.
  2. I love this show :smile:
  3. such a majestic episode.

    I literally started clapping out loud at the tv when the dowager countess gave lord grantham that look when he joined in singing during mary's song.
  4. I'm spoiled! I watched the whole first season on my iPad - now it's torture to have to wait a week until the next episode!
  5. lol-- I did the same thing!

    I am so wanting Mary and Matthew to get together. And Mr. Bates and Anna!
  6. Someone in the thread has a link to the full 2nd season. If you msg her, she will send it to you.
  7. I'm sooooooooo addicted to Downton Abbey!!
  8. I've turned to watching the iPad episodes over and over again during the week.
    I love it so much!
  9. I've actually watched just the Mr. Bates & Anna scenes on YouTube several times :love:
  10. I am so tired of Mary and Matthew and all the angst! Enough all ready!
  11. Agree!

    I don't like Mary and everything she does just annoys me.
  12. Oh...I love Mary and Matthew! I just want them to be happy!
  13. loving every minute of this....
  14. Ditto. I am more interested in Anna and Mr. Bates.
  15. it's fascinating to me how this show just continuously outdoes itself. the color palette of tonight's episode was just breathtaking, I felt like I could feel death in the air with them all.

    I broke down sobbing when matthew's mother showed up to see him.

    and I love lady mary, I feel like we're witnessing her transform into the lady of the house.

    and I just about died with branson's devotion toward sybil. makes me feel like I was born in the wrong era.

    my favorite moment of all might have been when carson offered his arm to daisy though. that was just priceless.