Downton Abbey

  1. Can't find a thread on this show. I wonder if it's because no one saw the first season or because people didn't like it. I really enjoy it and discovered it through Netflix. I will be watching season 2 in January. Any one watch the first season?
  2. I watched season 1 on Netflix in one day! Can't wait for season 2 to air.
  3. I could have sworn I had a thread on this already, but guess not. Yep, me too. I can't wait until the premiere of the new episodes.

    If you go to the Wiki, I assume on the British version, they had more episodes.

    I love PBS, BBC, Masterpiece Theater, I believe they do quality shows.

    I just wish there were more episodes per season. If Bravo produced stuff like this, I would watch them all the time.
  4. I saw it also on Netflix. I enjoyed it. Didn't realize that 2nd season was in Jan 2012. Good to know!!
  5. I caught it earlier this year after it had already aired. So, I watched all the episodes on the PBS site, and I really liked it. Typically, I'm not big on British "class warfare" movies or television (though I kind of liked Gosford Park), but I really did enjoy Downton Abbey!

    I admit not understanding much about the intricacies of lineage and how it's determined that titles/power get passed on or remain in a family, but the acting in this show is top notch (so I've decided not to worry about the minutiae of Why Matthew?, for example). So: The Dowager Countess is funny! And I'm really not a fan of Edith; her issues with Mary seem to stem from a lot of envy on her part.
  6. I LOVED it, but missed the last 2 episodes (doh) ! Wonder where I could 'find' them :shame:
  7. PBS says that they'll rerun season one on December 18. But others have also said that it's on Netflix (which I've just added to my queue), and you can watch it as Instant Play, which is even better.

    I just need to finish my rewatch of Mad Men then I can dive back into Downton Abbey...hopefully all before January arrives.
  8. They have the first season reruns on PBS already. You can also watch it on Netflix. I love PBS. I wish they would show more shows like this. I remember when The Forsyte Saga was on. I made sure not to miss an episode. I would watch that again if they aired it.
  9. search for a local station or Masterpiece Theatre website. They have been reairing them. or some streaming websites.
  10. So, it's started over in Britain. Thank goodness PBS doesn't have commercials (not real ones)

  11. Season 2 begins airing tonight!
  12. Can't wait! I'm watching season one on Netflix now.
  13. I'm DYING in anticipation for tonight. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. and I know I could have watched season 2 earlier via the internet but I really wanted to wait and get the full television experience.

  14. Same here. I was so tempted to find streaming episodes, but I had to smack my hand. Also, I just realized that the actor who played the Duke in the first episode is the same actor who plays Owen Sleater on Boardwalk Empire! Nice dimples, that one.
  15. :yahoo: The theme song has been stuck in my head all week!