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  1. Sorry about the downtime about an hour ago. It seems like the site, including the forum, have outgrown the server. So today, we'll be moving to a monster of a server, which should assure stability and constant purse madness on the PB/PF! ;)

    By the way, soon the forum will have its own domain under which you'll be able to reach it. You can guess twice what's that gonna be... lol :idea:
  2. Oooh, exciting :biggrin: :biggrin:
  3. Very nice! uhh...i'll take a stab at (do I get a prize..uh..purse..huh...LOL)
  4. I have a feeling you'll be increasing again soon at the rate the forum's growing. ;)
  5. Thanks,
  6. Awesome! Wow, the forum is getting so huge! Congrats, and I hope it isn't too much of a pain to move!
  7. Nice!
  8. Vlad, I've been wanting to aks you....Do we need to click on your advertiser sites regularly for you? didn't know if you had to pay for the server and if the more hits you got the more space you needed and the more it cost and if cloking on those would help you out? Just let us know what we can do to help you and the purse forum out!

    By the way how many hours a day do you spend here?
  9. Vlad and I realize that we need a much bigger server and more bandwidth for this site and forum!! We don't want there to be any downtime, so we are trying to find a 'reasonable' deal on a server right now.

    Inky paws- it does get expensive!!! I know both Vlad and I spend hours on here everyday... trying to make it better for all of us!!

  10. You don't need to click anything. :amuse: As a matter of fact, according to the Google Terms Of Service, we are not allowed to encourage the surfers/members to click the ads in any way. We do have the ads in place to compensate our costs, just like many other sites do. That is all I can say about that without getting myself in troubles. :idea:

    How much time do I spend here? Sheesh, the time stretches from morning to evening, even in the middle of the night there is work to do. If I had to put a number on it, I'd say 6 hours off and on. Babysitting a forum so diverse and active takes a lot of work. :P
  11. I just want to thank you Vlad and Megs for all the time and effort that you put into this forum. You guys rock! :biggrin:

  12. Good to know! I just clicked on all 4 ads at the top of this page! ;)
  13. Could a disinterested third party casually mention that any blog in general gets a benefit from it's members checking out the advertisments? As the advitisers can tell how many times their ad has been hit by a partcular site. Maybe in case someone was thinking about starting the own blog, just some general facts for those not as computer savy???
  14. i always click, because i figure it can't hurt :smile:

    thanks so much for everything you guys do! you've really made this place great.
  15. Thanks everyone!! We love it here and seriously love this forum and community. We are in the process of a huge upgrade on server and bandwidth... a little pricey, but more than well worth it!!