Downsizing your collection: How did you do it?


Apr 23, 2006
Share your advices please! I am trying to downsize my collection! It's so hard to do! I can't give up anything, but I need to money though. A lot of my bags that I have are sitting in the closet most of the time. I rather have a few bags that I use all the time then bags that I leave in my closet. Any advices?


Jan 15, 2007
If you haven't used a bag in two years: it must leave your home! Sell it, give it away, whatever. Same goes for clothes.
If you haven't used a bag in a year, then try using it. If it is something you don't want to use, then give it away or sell it.
Don't clutter up your life with handbags sitting on shelf. Use them, love them, enjoy them, -- or get rid of them. Make space in your life.


Jun 1, 2006
I sell my bags on ebay when I feel the need to rotate stock :smile:. I keep only about 5-6 on hand at all times. I tend to hold onto my more valuable items though that are more classics (some Gucci and LV), but I don't have that many. Other bags I rotate in and out though. I have had regrets though on some bags that I have sold which is the downside.

I agree with PP that if you haven't carried in a couple of years, it can probably go!


Dec 27, 2006
I did this with my baby/diaper bags: I actually write on a wall calendar which bag I am using for the day (I used to change my diaper bags a lot too!). At the end of a month/month and a half,you get an idea of your go-to bags and the ones you are just keeping around due to inertia.

This doesn't always work with handbags, because there are some special occasion bags, sentimental bags (ones given to you by mom, hubbies, SOs, etc.), but you get an idea of what sizes, shapes and styles work well for you on a daily basis!


Apr 19, 2007
I have a couple bags at a given time that i either thought were real cute or just had a bad purse urge and a great one was not in the budget right then and if a few of those accumulate and are not being used especially since my collection of great ones has increased to still fairly humble by this boards standards but to where i have all basic neutrals plus the most used by me fun colors and every so often i give a few away. My mom had new nikes with silver on them last summer so i gave her my Kathy Van Zeeland bag that was silver. I also pass down to my girls to play with.
Other than that i keep them. All of them. Perhaps if i bought a nwe bag weekly or monthly i might have to rethink it but currently not including wristlets or accesories (not that i have all that many) i have 8 coach pocketbooks of decent size, 2 LV speedys, and they all stay in their sleepers till they get a turn. A lot of them have not had a turn in ages but i am trying to make it a point to start rotating least with the bags appropriate for the season. I lost 4 great high end bags in storage years ago and NEVER will forget about them or how hard i worked saving up for them, how great they made me feel and how when i bought the Fendi at 18 or so with babysitting money for $400 plus (17 yrs ago roughl;y) how i had $5 left in my wallet when i walked out of Macy's LOL For some reason i really can not part with them even if i am the only one who knows they are here.
A huge part of it though is i just think it is not worth it for what i pd vs what i'd get...i know some ask for almost new prices on high end bags on craigslist etc but as a potential buyer i think that is nuts (i'd rather buy brand new if i'm only saving$20 plus the tax or something...maybe that is why i will never be rich lol) so how can i ask that as a potential seller? For me i can not turm around and replace a bag i decide i really should not have sold on the spur of the moment so once they are mine they STAy mine! I really do love all my bags though...the colors are either important neutrals or awesome and yummy and they all serve their purpose in my life.
The only bags i wuold ever consider selling are my 5 or 6 Maxx NY, a couple plain leather ones i got i nJC penny one year while xmas shopping b/c it was during my expensive bag or anything for me hiatus, a Matt n natt etc b/c they al;l only cost about $100 give or take and i'm not really majory as in love with them but they are all really good bags and the only thing holding me back from major love is the lack of designer label. So if i HAD to cause i was broke i guess i'd sell some of those...but i really don';t wan tto and my coaches and LV never if i can help it. I think i tru;y have goes back to my first Gucci at around 15 i think?? I worked hard for my money and bags were the only thing besides dept store makeup and sin care back then that i really spent money on.
About a yr and a half ago my ex was in a bad car accident and hospitalized almost 2 mos. My one sort of friend (stepson's mom) who always makes fun of my bag buying ways but i can tell she is jealous immediately said i should try to sell my coach bags on ebay. I did not know where our next income was coming from. I basically told her where to go with that idea. OBVIOOUSLY if i needed to to feed my kids i would but i knew my Dad wuold lend me if needed in a real emerg, and it was certainbly not something i was about to do a few days into his recovery. So i really consider selling my bags a last resort b4 starvation i guess.
Think my feelings on this are now known and i bet i'm not the first person to help you start downsizing but i see it helps a lot of ppl to affodr more new IT bags that maybe they couldn't otherwise so i say if it is something for space and $ you really want to do to try and start slowly.
Maybe Pour thru and find one you recall being sorry you bought...straps too short? Just did not even hold enuogh for most given daily routine? etc. the newest LOOKING ones probab;y sell for the closest to what you pd and as long as they are not like new b/c you love them tooo much to dirty lol that is probably a good clue as to which you won;t miss, etc Good luck!

ms p

so blessed
Jan 9, 2007
i read this from another tpfer and thought it's very useful when we need to decide: categorise the bags into sizes & function, how often we have used the bags after purchase, and write down the things u like about the bags.

for example for my lifestyle i'm a more medium bag casual type of person. therefore my bag collection should probably be 2 small bags, 5 medium bags, 3 big bags. within each size category ideally i should have at least 1 work/ formal able bags and a few casual bags.

downsizing can be done slowly. another way i can think of is to pioritise your bags. start to sell those that u don't like it as much the other bag. :smile:


Aug 16, 2006
I think that the functional, most high-end, and different styles of bags should be the ones to stay...and others that seem simular and less usable can my opinion...

But I would never sell my bags..only b/c I research, save like mad, and truely adore each and everyone of precious...:greengrin:


Dec 11, 2006
I am not into 'fashion' pieces any more but rather long-term investments - so anything I couldn't see myself with in about 5 years had to go. the same with bags I am just not that into anymore. especially 'now' bags should go quickly bec when they are 'now' anymore it might be more difficult to sell them...

once you start down-sizing it really becomes an obsession, almost like collecting. you try to refine your collection to have the perfect mix, kwim? plus there will be space for more later on - cause now you don't have that much anymore. I would start with those bags you haven't used for so long and will not be classics for you.