Downsizing my jumbo caviar collection (slighty) Suggestions PLEASE

  1. I don't want to get of a certain color and then regret it. Here is what is up in the air

    1. Jumbo Caviar Dark White (bone. ivory) w/ bijoux chain
    2. Jumbo Caviar Blue Fonce with old chain
    3. Reissue 228 Black Metallic

    I'm only getting rid of one for now. i thought i knew which one but now I'm confused because people have been telling me that all three are rare. But I can't hold onto a bag just because its "rare".
    KWIM? I have too many bag in my closet to wear. Most of them just sit there. And many have never been worn. Silly. I want to use my bags

    Which one would you get rid of? And WHY? it seems silly to seek out advice for this but I'm confused and I know your guys would be helpful.

  2. I would suggest getting rid of the Jumbo Caviar Blue Fonce because 1) it is similar in size to the white Jumbo and 2) you've already got the black reissue 228 (which is similar enough in terms of colour). Good luck with your decision :tup:
  3. Oh--i guess I should add that my reissue and jumbo collection is sitting at 9 total. The ones listed above are just the ones in question. :p
  4. :crybaby::s:confused1: This says it all.......I could never choose.......they are all so gorgeous!!!!!
  5. i would get ride of the white jumbo cos the color attracts stain very easily and i personally prefer the blue as oppose to a light colored bag. (i'm not that careful and i had a white bag and over time it turned yellowish).

    I love the blue and its a jumbo classic flap, must have in a chanel wardrobe.

    Met black reissue, another must have flap.
  6. I would get rid of the blue fonce because I would find that one to be the least versatile. I know a lot of Pfers love that color, but for me it would not be useful.
  7. I would get rid of the blue fonce because it wouldn't match my wardrobe, I'm more of black/brown person.
  8. Without knowing what else is in your collection, it's impossible to recommend what to sell. As for the white, you can, as I have recently read on the forum and thus ordered, Luvinmybags products that will protect against staining. So if fear of dirt or staining is the reason you haven't used it, perhaps you can have your white bag and use it also.

    As for the blue fonce, I had it in e/w and returned it. Throw rocks at me if you all must, but I found it to be an odd shade of blue/gray. If I hadn't needed a gray purse to go with a fantasy tweed coat, then it might have worked. If you don't use it, lose it. It seems there are folks here who want one, pd-bad.

    228 black metallic -- well, black goes with everything, right? Size is a tad huge, imho, but if this isn't your only black bag AND you aren't using it -- well, sell it.

    It truly comes down to which doesn't speak to you, or just doesn't work with your wardrobe.
  9. Ohhh, what a tough decision! :sweatdrop: I have variations of all of the bags you listed (dark white Jumbo w/ old chain, blue fonce caviar Jumbo, metallic black 226 reissue), and I only just used my blue fonce caviar Jumbo yesterday (its first outing, since the other time I planned to use it it poured haha)... like others, I actually find it pretty difficult to match/coordinate with outfits (it's a very specific shade of blue/grey), so if it were me, I might get rid of that one, and replace it at some point with a navy patent Jumbo flap (sadly, which I also have) or metallic navy reissue.... damn, I should probably downsize too haha. :nuts:

    If you wear a lot of dark colors, or a brighter color on top/darker color on the bottom, prints, etc. that dark white Jumbo would be a gorgeous contrast (have you used it yet?)... and I actually prefer it with the bijoux chain over the one I have (although back when I bought it years ago, there was no bijoux chain option haha). :p Like jmen said, it really comes down to your wardrobe/lifestyle, and which bag fits/doesn't fit into it. :heart:

    Have you used the blue fonce Jumbo yet? If so, and you absolutely adore the color, you should keep it because it would be impossible to find it again... and I know you love your 228 reissues (which are very hard to find)... so I would probably pick between those two as to which bag gets the boot. Hmmm, I had a wild thought... maybe you could get a metallic navy 228 reissue, replace the blue fonce with that, and keep/exchange/purchase something else to take the place of the metallic black 228... but if you love, love the reissue, keep it, because it's a true beauty! :love:

    Haha, I just rambled a whole lot, but whatever you decide on, let us know! ;)
  10. This totally depends on the ones you're keeping. I can't imagine how beautiful they must be since the 3 up for the chopping block are so amazing! If you list them all, it'd help us give you an informed recommendation.

  11. No you didnt ramble. You were actually quite helpful.

    yes you know i love my 228s. That would be the hardest for me to let go.
    I didnt know about the metallic navy reissues?? Are they out yet? Do you have a pic??

    I've never used my blue fonce but not because of the matching factor. I've just never pulled it out is all. LOL. Same for the metallic 228. but the ivory jumbo I have worn a few times and I really like it. its a great neutral.

    BUT someting has to go. ARGH. Im so confused.


    I currently have a:

    black jumbo

    white jumbo

    blue fonce jumbo

    beige/camel jumbo

    red jumbo-new chain

    metallic black 228

    dark silver 228

    grey 2005 anniversary 228

    dark white/ivory jumbo

    hope that helps. Keep the opinions coming.

    the only reason why i am hesitant on the blue fonce is b-cuz i have nothing like it in my collection. atleast for the black metallic i have a black jumbo and for the ivory jumbo I have a camel jumbo. KWIM? those are kinda sorta similar, right? i dunno
  12. since you have a white and beige jumbo, I'd probably get rid of the dark white or just to confuse things more:upsidedown: what kind of chains do the white and beige jumbos have ? If they both have the old chains, I'd probably get rid of one of those.
  13. From your list of 9, if you only want to keep 8, I'd get rid of the dark white. Only because you have a white and a beige.

    Next, I'd consider beige jumbo since ds 228 covers you for brown/beige/bronze.

    The other repeat/similar doubles are the black jumbo and black metallic 228. But they look very diff with the locks, the leather, and the size. And black is just so easy to wear. That said, if you only want 1 black, and need to only keep 6, I'd put MB 228 on the chopping block, but not before beige jumbo. Since I find my black jumbo to be an absolute must.

    I love blue fonce! I'd keep that one! Goes w/ more than you'd think: grey, pink, white, denim, shades of yellow, etc.

    You didn't ask, but if it were me, I'd keep them in the following order, with #1 being absolute keeper:
    1. black jumbo
    2. red jumbo
    3. grey 228
    4. dark silver 228
    5. white jumbo
    6. blue jumbo (can be replaced with navy 228 or navy patent jumbo)
    7. beige jumbo (ds 228 is in this family of colors, hence it is not on top 5)
    8. mb 228 (only bc of black jumbo, but I love this!)
    9. dark white jumbo (similar to beige and white)
  14. I love the dark white with new chain, dont get rid of that one!!!!!
  15. This is very hard, if you get rid of the blue you're losing color when you seem to have a lot of neutrals (black, beige, white). The Ivory with the new chain is lovely and I really don't think the light color caviars are that big of a deal, I have white and it cleans up well, which you probably know because you have ivory and white...... Now the mb reissue is absolutely awesome but you do seem to be covered on darker colors, hence again this is very tough. If you really want to get rid of one I can only say maybe the blue but you HAVE to commit to finding an even better blue to replace it with.