Downsizing bags

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  1. Feel like getting rid of most of my designer bags. These past few years I have been trying to unclutter and just make life more simple.
    I have sold off quite a few of my LV bags and am down to 3-4. I think I want to sell the last two and keep two for my daughter. At 13 she does not like the monogram design but I really can't sell my perforated pink LV speedy. Then I have a few odd and ends such and Fendi and Prada along with YSL. I can let these go no problem.

    The only bags I really want to keep are my three Balenciaga bags. One is a very old pink twiggy I think 2006/07. The bag just turns into a puddle and it is my knock around bag. I have a pretty day bag and then a stunning work which is my all time favorite. I just feel I don't need anything else nor to I need things sitting in my closet. I guess I am at a point in my life where I think less is more and material things just don't mean so much to me.
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  2. I am on a purge at the moment.

    Down to 2 chanel, 2 birkin, one prada, one delvaux. Sold the rest.

    In the process of buying a new delvaux for my everyday bag.
  3. I downsized from a high of 26 to what I have now: 8. I've been steady there for about two years. This amount seems to work for me as I do like a seasonal bag as well as a year round option. I could drop two more but I have sentimental attachment to them so they stay.
  4. What a great thread. I too have been purging and decluttering and have gotten rid of most of my designer and non designer bags, shoes and clothing. I just feel that my quality of life is not dictated anymore by what bag I carry and what clothes or shoes I wear. It feels very good.

    The book "The Joy Of Less: A Minimalist Living Guide" helped me tremendously.
  5. Go for it. Keep what you love and what you carry.

    I've been downsizing, too. I've gone from over 40. Yes, insane but that included ones from my 20s, and I'm in my 40s. I'm under 20 bags even with four work totes as well as three clutches from my Mom which are staying for sentimental reasons even though I never carry them.

    What I seem to struggle with ditching are the clutches that don't see much use on a regular basis but are such lovely art pieces to me, don't take much space, and wouldn't fetch much cash at all. I got a rack on wheels from Ikea, and if it all doesn't fit easily, buh-bye to more.
  6. I currently have five daytime and two evening bags which is actually the most I've ever had at one time and it seems like too much to me. Mine are mostly mid-range (Coach, etc.) that I wouldn't get enough money for to be worth selling, but I'm not going to buy more until I wear some of these out.
  7. I am down to 3 Linea Pelle, 1 Michael Kors and 1 B Makowsky. These work with everything. I window shop, but really do not need anything more.
  8. Congrats ! I'm pretty sure,that feels good.
  9. I sometimes experience these moments too, when it feels like suffocating to "things".
    I wouldnt sell any of my bags at those kind of moments, I could really regret it later. I could sell a bag I dont care to have around after serious consideration, cause they are not just some cheap things and if I ve put some money into them. Im not going to loose a dime for single moments material frustration.

    What I got bored resently are big fashion statement bags and heavy bags. I have Burberry Manor, it is ridiculously heavy and large, but its so amazing piece of work Im never going to sell it. I dont have any other so huge or heavy bags, so there is room for it. I have about 30 bags I like so much, part premiere, part vintage from beginning of 1900´s and they are valuable as antiques of course too.

    As a bagcollector its not just an item you use regulary, but more than item that brings something special to special moment, like going to luch with original crocodilebag from the fifties (Its been said that you should never use alligator/croco after

    Spirituality in very important issue to me too, but being spiritual doesnt mean atleast to me Id have to get rid of my earthly posessions. Stuff the s**t to the closets for a while if you feel like having some air!