Downsizing and LV-keeping these?

  1. As I am currently living in two countries I have to downsize and sell my apartment-and that means I have to part with quite some things, including some LVs...what sounds awful on one site (parting with things) seems to be relieving on the other...

    Now I am coming to the LV part; I had acquired over the time quite a collection of LV`s, partly from my late mum. Now as I already have sold a most of them I can not help but start to like the idea of having only what I really like and one or two bags my mum was wearing all the time (like her old speedy).
    So I decided to keep the following bags:
    speedy monogram 30
    speedy black epi 25 with golden hardwear
    medium looping
    honfleur in black
    baggy pm in blue
    monogram backpack
    petit noe in black epi
    reade big in old red
    cruiser bag
    selling my ribera medium and selling either the bigger or the smaller of my cruiser bags, am not sure which one to keep as when I carry a lot around I prefer a suitcase with wheels.

    Getting the hampstead mm for every day, which finally is a real every day bag in which I can carry everything including computer, mag, books and so I can take it through the whole day without worrying about vachetta or colour transfer...

    What do you all think, does this sound like a reliable collection? I really need to downsize but also do not want to not regret selling more bags later.

    Every comment is greatly appreciated!:yes:
  2. I believe whatever you decide will be fine. I know it is hard to part with items. Good Luck.
  3. I think you got them all covered - a bag for everyday, something for nights-out, something for travel and those that you really don't want to part with.

    If there's something that you seldom use then they can probably go :heart:
  4. It's hard for someone who do not know you to make recommendations as it's not just a practicality and estetical issue, you also have bags with sentimental value. Use your guts and I'm sure you'll make the right decision. :smile:
  5. mono and epi speedy = staples
    cruiser= love it
    hampstead = lovely

    all set!
  6. I think you have a nice well rounded collection. and really only time will tell which ones you will let go of. I am in the middle of streamlining too and trying to be realistic about keeping bags I actually use instead of bags I just like to look at.
  7. I see you have the honfleur in black-and you are keeping-do you think it is useful amd nice dressy clutch-i'm trying to decide:confused1: