Downloading Free Ebooks

  1. Hey everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone knows of some sites to download free books for ereaders?

  2. If you want legitimate free books that are in the public domain, check out the library at

    If you're looking for pirated books, we can't help you because it's against the rules of this forum.

    Happy reading!
  3. Also, has a pretty good selection. There are a lot of classics.
  4. If you have a smartphone/tablet dowload the kindle app and there are a ton of free ebooks through Amazon.

    If you have a nook B&N have a lot of free ebooks.

    download the wattpad app

    Join your local library, most have a good selection of ebooks.
  5. I second the library - mine has an app called Overdrive that you can download books to your phone (and they will read them to you so you can listen while you work out!!), or you can download it to your computer or burn it to a CD.
  6. Exactly! Please make sure the sites you all are sharing are legal, thanks!