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Dec 5, 2006
Weddington, North Carolina

Download Your Favorite Authors Free with Podiobooks

We're obsessed with audio books. They allow us get our read on in the gym, in the car, while we're shopping… whenevs! But audio book downloads can get hella expensive, especially when you reel through them as quickly as we do. So, considering that we've been staring at our AMEX bill in disbelief for the past few hours (post-holiday bills can be a biotch), we just can't afford to get all the books our little Diva hearts desire.
Well, not until we found Podiobooks.
Podiobooks offers free-um yes, we said free-audio books to the public. Now you're probably thinking, “Diva, how is this possible?” Glad you asked.
Many authors post their work to Podiobooks to get exposure, or in hopes that you'll buy a physical copy of their current or future work. And, while it's not required, you do have the option to donate money to the author of your choice. When you consider that audio books usually run twice as much as their hardcover counterparts… that's not such a bad deal, Diva.
So here's how it works: think of Podiobooks as a podcast version of an audio book. Listeners can choose to receive the episodes (or chapters) of their books via an RSS feed or by directly downloading episodes from the Podiobooks site. You can store the audio files on your computer, burn them to CD, or transfer them to your MP3 player.
If you're like us and down with the RSS feed method, you can register with Podiobooks and they will build a custom podcast feed just for you. They customize each feed so that you start "reading" the book from the very first page, and when you subscribe to a particular book, episodes are delivered to you one at a time at the interval of your choosing - which is great for those of us with overloaded MP3 players.
Can't you just hear our credit cards sighing in relief?

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