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  1. Before I got my 1st LV last year, I was very much into Coach. I totally converted right after that 1st purchase. My reason? It's pretty sad paying sooo much for a Coach bag and a couple of months later, it goes on Sale for much lower.

    After my 1st LV, there was really no looking back.

    My question is, after your 1st LV (or a couple of LV's), do you think it's hard to go down from there? Like the next bag you aim for is either LV, Chanel or those in the league... at least; Gucci, Prada etc?

    It has kind of been like that for me knowing that even though I don't buy high-end bags as often as some of you wonderful fortunate ladies, I believe it's an investment despite having to save & scrimp for 1 single bag.

    However, I don't mind cheap evening bags. Heheh. Or beach bags. And I have a couple of favourite bags I carry everywhere that can handle some aggressive manhandling, my Cole Haan leather ruched bag among others.

    So how is it like for you LVoely ladies? :yes:
  2. ~I only want Louie and nothing but Louie:girlsigh:. Also, true about no going back *exora*!!~
  3. I agree, once I got my 2nd LV bag, I never went back to Coach.
  4. I buy whatever bag strikes my fancy, regardless of the brand. The most important question I need to answer is "Can I afford it?" Now that doesn't mean I'll spend money like it's going out of style--I refuse to buy COACH in a full-price boutique. As you stated, it makes no sense to buy a bag at full price when it's going to be substantially marked down or in the outlet inside of 6 months. I only like the Legacy leather, and I have yet to pay full price for any of them in my collection.

    LV is a different story. It doesn't go on sale, so I have to buy it in a boutique or second-hand. Sometimes it requires me to be more patient than if I wanted to buy something less expensive, but I have to prioritize. I'll be saving for years for my Hermes Birkin, but it doesn't stop me from buying another bag because I have to have a name. I picked up a terrific knock-around bag from Kohl's in November that is still in the rotation.

    Do I think it's hard to downgrade? Not really. If I like it and I'm going to use it, a "lesser" name bag is is no different in my closet than a high-end one. My last purchase was a COACH Legacy Bridgit and my next purchase is a Tivoli PM. They'll both get a lot of use.
  5. same here.. the only coach Item I have bought since I started buying Lv was a wristlet. I just cant bring myself to buy coach anymore.
  6. I try to save all my money for LV, but a rare Balenciaga or Gucci slips by sometimes ! ;)
  7. I love variety, all price ranges and brands. For me, I get bored with a single brand and think some of the lower priced bags are more 'fun'. If I want a colored bag, then I'll go for a lower priced brand.
  8. I haven't found many bags from other lines that I would pay the high-end price for. I do also think about value in a bag. LV bags don't go on sale after the season ends. It sucks getting a bag thats about $400-600 and see it in an outlet store for $200. And while I would love to go for a Chanel I'm definatly not able to drop that much on a bag right now (College Student). Though in the future I probably will. ;)
  9. I felt that way at first. Now I just look for great bags to add to my collection regardless of brand.
  10. I knoww, I'm not quite sure if it's a good thing or not. Lol! One fine day, I hope to own a Chanel :drool:
  11. Before I used to kinda hate LV simply because of all the fakes and everything and only was about Gucci bieng that its a high end designer anyway ..

    but after i learnt how to tell fakes and all i decided to go for LV and well after that Gucci just isnt the same for me, i love their shoes and belts
    but thats all ..

    not to sound snotty but LV and Hermes for me please :biggrin:
  12. omg i feel the same exact way.. i've never owned coach.. but my first designer bag was a louis.. and i just can't turn back.. all i own are LV's sprinkled with a few Chanel.. :smile: congrats on your first LV!! it only gets more exciting after this!!!
  13. my first luxury bag is galliera, and i will soon buy a speedy azur.
    And i think i will stick to Vuitton. Take vuitton as daily bag and save up to buy chanel even hermes.
  14. You've been hit by the lvoe bug! hehe
  15. Yayyyy. Over on to the dark side now... :graucho:

    Ooh and ever since my 1st LV last year... there has definitely been a couple more to date :yahoo: