Down with stomach flu =(

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  1. hey girls, anyone experienced this before?? My pharmacist seems to think that it's a stomach flu which means that i have some virus in my tummy. I've been vomitting my dinner for 2 days and all i get to eat is bread and some salt/mineral replenishment drink all day and its driving me crazy!! I'm a glutton by nature :crybaby: .

    What do u think i should/shouldn't eat?? Bf thinks i can't eat anything apart from bread. There you go, my tummy just rumbled out loud again!! I'm so sick of being sick. I'm also having a headache but can't seem to sleep or rest. Therefore, the closest thing to it, is the purse forum:yahoo: that is why i'm on it now and to catch up on my reads. Lols.
  2. i think you can eat plain boiled rice, toast, etc. basically all the bland non-dairy food. my 13 months old son is having one too and he's only allowed these things. not the most fun thing to have, for sure. he got his on our 1st day of holiday (visiting uk) and we basically spent our first night in the A&E (ER). now he's stopped vommiting, but still have diarrohea. the doctor said that it'll take 5-6days to recover.

    hope this help and hope you get well soon!