Down with ebay!!

  1. I just have to express my anger here, and I hope you all understand. I hate the scam artists on ebay. I was just recently taken in by one, whom stated a bag was new when it was in fact not. Yeah I filed a claim and paypal is "reviewing" my case. Anyways, I am sick of these scam artists trying to take people in like you and me. Although WE are the lucky ones because we know better that a REAL balenciaga will never be on sale for 88 US dollars. For some reason it has gotten worse this week, and I feel obligated to report these sellers as they are trying to scam people. The stolen auctions are the worse though, because people are not like me and watch ebay auctions daily to know that a certain listing has been sold 4 or 5 times in the last week. I really hope that ebay after getting sued thinks about allowing these scam artists on their website. Personally with all the money they are making they should have a team of people that constantly monitor luxury item auctions. If they are short on money they can stop sending me those stupid glossy leaflets and anniversary cards. :cursing: :cursing:

    I guess the thing that makes me the most mad is that everyday I go on Ebay in hopes that my bordeaux twiggy will be listed and I have to see all those fake auctions instead. :crybaby:
  2. ^^ ITA, e-bay's evil & so is paypal :hysteric:
  3. I SO agree with this!!! I love ebay and realize they can't be responsible 24/7 for EVERY disgusting faker that emerges, one after the other... but this is not too much to ask. I'll sign up for the job!
  4. I so agree....I thought I was sooo smart about fakes - still got scammed for £300 a year ago on makes me:cursing:
  5. Fake clue of the day: If they call a b-bag "Le Dix" in the title... OUTTA THERE! You will notice that most of the fakers still call them that, but none of the good sellers do.
  6. Take it from someone that got scammed for close to 2 grand, it makes me mad too and I don't believe for a minute that Ebay could not do more if they set their mind to it. They only care about making money and they make PLENTY of it at the expense of honest buyers being scammed by their obvious scam artist sellers. I am certainly not implying that ALL eBay sellers are scammers. There are some wonderful, nice, honest sellers on Ebay and I have purchased things on Ebay countless times, however ......the amount of blatantly obvious fakes seems to grow by the day and they have to be aware of that.:cursing:
  7. ^^ ditto :yucky:
  8. Agree with everything said...
  9. You are so right about there being decent people that sell on ebay, and they are also the victims in the situation. They miss out on sales because of the skeptics and the fact that people are stealing THEIR auction photos for phony auctions. From now on though I'm never going to buy ANYTHING high dollar item off of ebay with out the keen eye of everyone on this forum, and even then I will think twice.
  10. And the worst thing is when I take time out to report the fakes to eBay and they merrily do NOTHING to pull those auctions off, and then you see innocent buyers getting conned - makes me boiling mad sometimes and sad for those innocent buyers, while eBay laughs all the way to the bank <sick>
  11. It seems that things have really gotten worse on Ebay lately, so sorry so many
    of us have been scammed!
  12. I just have a few more items to sell on ebay and then I wont be selling anymore, tired of worrying about fraud, chargebacks, etc. I'll go back to just being an occasional buyer. Not to mention the ebay and paypal fees....just not worth it anymore!
  13. Oh Donna.. I just sent you a PM. If you could respond that would be lovely!
  14. Ha how did you figure out that was me? you are too funny!
  15. Well... with a little investigating... I saw that your name was obviously Donna and the paypal account was connected to a Donna. I then looked up your prior posts and what do ya know... you decided to sell your impulse buy Blueberry City! hehe...

    So I then smack my forehead, and sheepishly PM you to confirm.

    Thank god for the Purse Forum.