Down to two~ still need some help!

  1. Ok, I have narrowed it down to two bags. The Gallery tote in signature khaki and brass. OR There is a new signature flap hobo that I saw at Dillards in a larger size. Both are the same price, so I am not gaining anything there. I don't carry a lot. I have a small wallet, checkbook, wristlet, cell phone, gum, and keys. That is what I carry daily. I have downsized my collection, so I am looking for an everyday bag. These are the only two that really have my attention at all. Please, please,please help me make a decision. I know that I would love the gallery, but it is so big for the amount of stuff I carry. I like the flap with buckle, but is it a pain to get in and out of. Which one will be in style longer? I have done pros and cons, etc etc. I am just stuck in neutral and need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again, I appreciate your feedback so very much! Mokey
    coach buckle.JPG coach khaki gallery.JPG
  2. I like the first one best.
  3. Hi Mokey. I have both these style bags and I find that the gallery tote is better for everyday use. I find my flap bag to be slightly too small for everyday. It's better to have a bit more room for new wallets, agendas, etc. than not enough.
  4. I love the tote!
  5. I like the tote better, i think it is more versatile and better for everyday usage.
  6. Mokey, I have both of these bags, too. Personally, I think you would like the flap bag better for everyday use. When I carry mine, here's what I usually carry in it:

    Coach large zip-around accordian wallet;
    Kate Spade pencil case for cosmetics;
    Palm PDA;
    Cell phone (Razr); and

    I really think you could fit a small wallet, checkbook, wristlet, cell phone, gum, and keys in it. Where are you planning to purchase it? When I've bought bags at Macys and at Coach both places have let me try out the purse size by letting me put my purse contents in the bags while in the store. Maybe you could do that?

    I think the gallery tote is going to be way too big for you. I carry my gallery tote every day as my "work bag" along with my purse. I can fit lunch, shoes and an umbrella (plus other things) in my gallery tote!

    If you'd like, I can fill up my bags tonight and take photos for you so you can see how things fit inside. Let me know!!

    BTW, my nickname was "Mokey" when I was a little girl. :P
  7. I like the tote.

  8. That is so awesome that that was your nickname! Small world!
    I appreciate you taking the time to answer this. Your thoughts are how I am feeling. In the past I have just bought bags because they were cute, on sale, a certain color, etc. Now that I have downsized I want to find a couple of bags as staples. I still want to get an occasional one just because, but I NEED to find a staple bag NOW! I have this whirlwind in my head on which one to choose. There are pros and cons to each. Your post hit home because it is how I really am feeling. I have the tote sitting next to me right now, I have put my stuff in it, taken it out, put it in, taken it out. My stuff swims in the bottom of the bag. I love this tote because it is the only one that stood out to me and caught my eye this season. When my stuff is in it it is slouchy and looks like I have had it for a long time, when it hasn't even been out of the house. The problem for me with the tote is the suede bottom! WHY CAN'T THEY STOP PUTTING SUEDE ON THE BOTTOM!!!!!! I am worried about the rain and snow getting on the suede too, which I wouldn't have to worry about with the flap bag. I bought a patchwork tote from the spring line and my denim rubbed the corners and it looked trashed. I take very good care of my bags, but yet it looked so dirty. So I know that this one will be the same way. I love the look of it and my family is really in love with this one, but I am not sure. The flap on the other hand I really like, wish it was cheaper, but what do you do. I have never had a flap bag, so I am not sure about that part. I wish I could buy both and try them out at home, but the funds are not there. I am afraid to take the tote back because it was the last and only one and I don't want to risk losing it if I decide I do want it after all. I bought it at Dillards, and I know they would let me put my stuff in it at the store but I always feel so dumb and pressured when I have done that before. I would love to see a pic of yours if you don't mind. Again, I appreciate your honesty and help. I am attaching a pic of the contents in the tote bag, and I even have netflix in there that day. I am also attaching one with it just zipped up and sitting there, my stuff is in there. Thanks again, Mokey
    new pics 10-22-06 606.jpg new pics 10-22-06 008.jpg
  9. another vote for the tote! (hey it rhymes! :lol:)
  10. I like the flap better. It's cuter and seems better for everyday use.
  11. I would go with the tote, I have the flap and it's too small for my wallet, keys, cell and sunglasses. I sometimes try squashing in a bunch of stuff, but worry about crushing my sunglasses. So I end up transferring everything to a bigger bag.
  12. Mokey, here are photos of my flap bag empty, full and just the contents. The contents measure as follows:

    Wallet: 7.75"(L) x 4"(H) x 1"(W)
    Cosmetic Case: 8.25" x 3.5" x 1"
    Palm: 4.75" x 3" x .75"
    Phone: 3.75" x 2" x .5"

    I typically put my keys on top of my wallet. All of that stuff fits inside and it doesn't look overstuffed and it easily snaps closed. Also, I just wanted to clarify that I have the small flap, not the large flap. If you're more interested in the large flap you'd have a ton of room!

    Also, I wanted to say that the suede on the bottom of my gallery tote is holding up really well. My gallery tote is black and so the suede is kind of a dark, dark gray/black. I sprayed it with Apple Garde when I got it and I haven't noticed any wear or damage.

    Hope this helps!!
    flapempty.jpg flapfull.jpg flapcontents.jpg
  13. You are awesome Mokoni! I am considering the larger flap bag. It is not on the site yet, but it is style no: 10297. The dimensions for it are 12.5x7.75x4 and the tote dimensions are 11.5x9x4.5 So there is not a lot of difference in the overall size of the two, but yet there is when you put stuff in there. Thanks again for all of your help. Keep the thoughts coming! I appreciate all of them. Mokey
  14. That is the exact one. I soooo wish I could get both! I am just flip flopping back and forth on this one. It may come down to a coin toss! Either way I win, I just wish that there was a CLEAR winner! I "think" I am leaning toward the flap, but check with me in five minutes and I will surely have switched again:cursing: