Down to 3

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  1. if down to 3 choices in jumbo, which one will u pick? and why? :graucho:

    1) purple patent

    2) grey patent

    3) metallic silver lambskin
  2. option 3, 2 and 1. Patent is not my fav. Metallic silver is rare color? V glam
  3. same
  4. Grey patent! I usually hate patent leather but the grey chanel patent is lovely! :smile:
  5. My vote is also 3-2-1! :smile:
  6. mine's 3-2-1 too!

    metallic lamb is nice. i have it in mini flap.:tup:
  7. I choose the purple patent..

    Although I love the metallic silver lambskin, my friend owns one in Maxi size and I feel that the bag is too flashy.. it is gorgeous however in smaller sizes like a WoC for example..
  8. hmm, too flashy is the word... do u all think the silver lambskin can be dressed up and down? n will it have color transfer problem?
  9. I think the grey patent is really nice. No more metallic lambskin for me - I found the color was peeling off on the corners of my bag - sold it at the end.
  10. 2.1.3 for me..
    Grey patent is BEAUTIFUL
    purple patent is beautiful.. but might be harder to match with outfits
    and i think the silver is too much in a big size.. better in the small or m/l size
    i hope my oppinion helps with your decision! good luck
  11. I need to see picks of all three.
  12. pictures of NYCavalier with the silver lambskin in the action thread is very beautiful. that makes me reconsider the silver lambskin again... :smile:
  13. Grey patent because it would be the most versatile for my wardrobe. Purple patent next :cool:
  14. 2 3 1
  15. Purple patent. Least high maintenance bc darker color.