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please vote, thanks

  1. Jumbo Dark Red Patent from 10A

  2. Jumbo Brown Lambskin with ghw from 10A

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  1. chanel ladies, i need help again.
    if down to these 2 choice, which one will u pick?
    i am 30years old with a 2 years old son now, which bag is more suitable for me? i wish to use it as much as possible..

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  2. I would not have a patent or lambskin if I was going to wear it when my 2-yrs old is around. I would go for a caviar instead for easy maintenance. HTH :smile:
  3. yes, but 10a caviar...dont have much colors to choose from. :smile:
  4. I'm all about the red!
  5. did anyone here in tpf purchase the bordeaux patent? i think i havent see a reveal on this bag. :smile:
  6. I'll choose the red patent compared to lambskin.

    I don't use my lamb when I'm with my kids. I do use my patent when I'm out with my kids.
  7. I agree, it is better to choose the dark red patent one.
  8. this is the bordeaux patent by the way. it is not the bright shinning red. :smile:
  9. sadly to say, my son is with me 24hours perday...even go for a holiday or anywhere.. he will tag along wif me too.
  10. between the choices, plus a kiddo, patent... though my current fave is the crinkled patent purple or red reissue w/ ruth hw! recently saw it irl... and i usually hate patents! :amuse:
  11. i wish someone would post photos of the crinkled patent purple...
  12. you should try to get the bordeaux in m/l size, it's prettier :yes:
  13. patent
  14. the m/l size is too small for me. jumbo is just nice as i am tall and big size. :smile:thanks for all ur inputs ladies. anymore opinions ?