1. SO where does Jill go?
    Went to Atlantic City LV at Ceasars.....found this cute bandeau!LOVES!hit Gucci,Juicy,BCBG,Scoop NYC,.....Bought lots of bags but I really liked this Lv bandeau.
    They had it in a red print...then she pulled out the pink and I knew it was mine.
    I have to say I was surprised when I saw the CABBY Blue MM and GM next to each other...I never realized how similiar in size they were.I think I may get a GM in the black now......Its nice and big!
    They didnt have the best selection of shoes in AC...otherwise Im sure I woulda bought a pair...hehe.The receipt says this is called SWEET ROSE?
  2. That is very sweet, for sure!
  3. No better a place in my opinion! I love the Caesars mall now, it's awesome! Last time I went though, I thought the shoe selection was really good. Hmm...
    Love your new purchase! And in Pink?? Even Better!!
    Congratulations!! Now You'll have to model it!!
  4. cuute ... congrats Jill =)
  5. Congrats! Gorgeous! :heart: Are there actually more pink underneath? Yes, modeling pix please! :yes:
  6. Nice bandeau!!!
    I'm glad LV is there to keep you occupied when the weather doesn't cooperate!!!
  7. Aww cute ! And Cabby triplets ? :graucho:
  8. Congratulations.
  9. Oh Jill.. I lvoe that bandeau.. those old time prints get me every time.. not to mention the pink! *swoon* Great get!
  10. the pier at caesers is great isn't it? lol that's my alternative LV if my SA can't get something for me :p
  11. That is really cute! It was a great choice!
  12. Would u beleive I LIVE in NJ and never went to this place before??!!lol!

    i even called SELENA as I was sittin down to dinner and was like OMG!!THIS PLACE ROCKS!!!!!
    I have to say the clothing stores kicked butt there!I got the best outfits!And my daughter made a KILLING in the Juicy store...!!!!
    The LV store was a bit snooty at first..I went back after dinner to get the bandeau and they warmed up to me as we talked Cabby bags...LOL...

  13. Congrats! Sounds like a fun day :smile:
  14. OH...HEHE...Did I mention I waitlisted myself for the black denim spy lookin bag thats due out in NOV??
  15. ^^^ if i act like i know what i'm talking about they don't dare look at me in that way because i usually know more than they do.

    where in jersey are you from?