Down & Feather Coat Leaking Feathers? (!)


Jul 13, 2006
British Columbia
Help! Does anyone know how to keep the Down & Feathers in a coat "in there" ? I'm having a terrible time with this coat that I bought at the end of the season last year and never wore until now. I tried "scotch guarding" it thinking that might help, but not so! I was thinking about maybe trying hairspray? Any ideas?


Jul 31, 2006
96° in the shade
I wouldn't recommend hairspray, seems like that would just make things sticky? I'm guessing this is happening because the weave of the fabric is "loose" enough to let the baby feathers/feather fibers through. The only thing I can think of would be to take it to a tailor and have them sew some kind of lining in between the outer layer of the jacket and the feathers, but I'm sure that would be expensive....I'm also sure there's some other much cheaper, more sensible solution but unfortunately I don't know what it is...? Sorry I can't be of more help :confused1: