Dove Stam

  1. Does anyone own the Stam or any other MJ item in the colour 'Dove'?

    There's a Stam on NAP at the moment in this colour which I'm very much in lust with but I'm really worried about colour transfer. I have a cream Longchamp Le Pliage which is so dirty on the back from transfer off the clothes I wear and every other light coloured bag I own picks up stains very easily. I know that the Stam is patent leather where a Pliage is nylon, so how easy would any stain on one be to remove? Does anyone have any Dove MJ item pictures?​
  2. hi - i have that dove stam from NAP and its the best! It's patent so nothing really marks it. I wore it with new dark jeans and it didnt transfer at all (i think i wouldnt have had such luck if it were a Balenciaga bag).
    Do it! Its a STUNNING bag - one of my favs. Although its damn heavy :p
  3. hmmm - i just read that response to my old thread about patent and colour transfer - i guess ive not found it to be an issue but i do keep my bag in its dust bag when its not in use.

    BTW - ive just gone onto NAP and i cant see the Dove anymore. I think its all sold out.