Dove Stam @ NAP.

  1. I'm deciding whether or not to purchase the exclusive Dove Patent Stam at Net A Porter. I love the color, and patent leather (it's timeless to me =p). I have been dying for a Stam for forever, and this one is on sale! But - I'm waiting for discount codes/further price slashes. Do you guys think anything will come up before it sells out? very confused! :upsidedown:
  2. From what I've seen in the past, it will be a long time before Net-a-porter further discounts their prices. If you are really that interested in the bag you should probably buy it as soon as possible. Don't forget to post pictures when you get it!
  3. I will be purchasing it soon then, since discount codes seem impossible at this point. Does anyone own the bag yet? I'd like to see some real life shots if possible =x
  4. I only know of one pfer that has it, and she loved it apparently. I think it's a GORGEOUS color(one of my favorites actually). I'm not in the market for another stam though... I think you should go for it! It's the only site that carries Dove, and you never know, it may sell out. You can always return it, that's my motto!
  5. I should be getting mine tomorrow...will post pictures! Can't wait~
  6. ohhh! definitely post pics! i've been debating whether or not to order this bag as well, so pics and your review would be awesome:graucho:
  7. Post pics! Would love to see the color!
  8. Here is my Dove stam ordered from NAP. [​IMG][​IMG]
  9. It's gorgeous! So what do you think of it? :love:
  10. :love::drool::heart:
  11. I also bought this beige patchwork stam from Nordstrom during the sale. I am trying to decide which one to keep. (would love to keep both if i can afford it...)
    Here is a [​IMG]pictures of both, which one should i keep? I am leaning towards the Dove patent...
  12. Oh wow . . . personally, I'd say the Dove. It's an exclusive make and I like the color more =x People keep saying the patent leather isn't timeless and looks fakey, but personally I don't understand that perception at all! I am a total patent fiend - it really depends on how you work it. The Dove Stam looks very classy with it, in my opinion! I am almost ready to make the plunge and buy one for myself after seeing your photos :yahoo:
  13. Keep the Dove Stam. It's sooooooooo pretty!
  14. i still vote dove!
  15. Okay! Thanks everyone for helping me out. I will be heading to Nordstroms very soon! Voleuse, think you should totally order yours now cause the more i look at mine, the more i am falling in love with it~ Cheers!:tup: