Dove Pro-Age thickening shampoo & conditioner

  1. I have to share! I purchased Dove Pro-Age thickening shampoo & conditioner and it is amazing!!! It is for thinning hair (which I don't have) but I have straight hair which is somewhat fine. I have always wanted thick beautiful hair so I figured I would try this out. It is amazing! My hair has so much body and bounce, much better than the Pantene I was using and this is only $3.74 a bottle. Great stuff!
  2. Thanks for the tip fashion16!! I have fine hair too so I'm always looking for more volume. I'll have to give this a try!
  3. i found sunsilk has given me more volume for my fine hair, so did biolage.
  4. wow thats cheap!!!! im paying $30 bottle for my redkin and im not overly impressed with it.................
  5. If the 30$ redken isn't doing the trick for you u need to switch shampoos. EVen though things are a lot simpler b/c I'm a guy i went through at lesat 14 different shampoos (nexus, redken, sebastian, KMS..and Japanese brands, Shiseido Tsubaki (what I use now), Kao assience, Kanebo, etc etc etc) before I found the one I wanted...and by gawd I swear that this is the best for me...but may not be the best for you b/c all hair types.

    I think most of the beauty shops have a decent return policy (like it or u can return in 30 days policy at lesat that's what it's like at most beauty shops) so keep switch em until u find what u want :smile:
  6. I'm using Biolage right now which I really like, but I want to try Pureology.
  7. I think I underestimated Dove. I find them to be the best when it comes to their
    Over Night Body Lotion. Smells good too!

    As for hair I'll stick to Paul Mitchell!
  8. I used to use drugstore shampoos (everything from Herbal essence, garnier, dove, pantene). I really do see a difference with the Pureology that I'm using now though! My hair's not as weighed down and really shiny. I think it's the lack of sulfate in pureology that makes the difference.
  9. The expensive shampoo does not always guarantee it will worked better than the cheap ones. Right now, I'm using Watson's Olive Moisturizing Shampoo and I love it, pretty cheap too. I tried Kerastase one before, the one that specialized for dry hair/oily scalp and it gave me dandruff.
  10. another vote for biolage! love it esp the smell!
  11. l'oreal professionnel
    lise extreme
    just switched to this line this year since my hair is no longer coloured, but when it was coloured, i used the vitamino color line
  12. Dove used to work wonders for my hair! But then, you know how they say your hair gets used to the ingredients? It stopped working, but it was great while it lasted LOL. Maybe I should give it a shot again.. and I agree, more expensive not always means better. I once bought Matrix's Curl Life and that has been the worst mistake of my life.
  13. Molton Brown shampoo, but it's expensive. Like $20/bottle. Very clean-smelling, light, leaves no residue, leaves shiny hair.
  14. I was born with bad hair-dry, frizzy, wavy. I have tried both expensive and cheap shampoos, conditioners-Pureology, Paul Michelle, pantene, keratase, dove, etc. Nothing really solves my dry, frizzy hair problems. Then my brother told me to try a new line of herbal shampoo-Apaibhubeth from Thailand. It costs only $3; but it works like magic. I no longer have to fight with bad hair, my hair now is shiny and looks healthy.
  15. I also have fine, thin hair! I love Ojon's thickening shampoo and conditioner. I've tried countless others and always return to Ojon.