"dove" paddy...who knows this color ?

  1. Hi,

    does any of you own this color, what does it look like in "real" life ?

    Do you have any pictures ?

    In fact which season is it from?

    ...many thanks in advance

  2. Hi, that colour is also called mousse and it's from s/s 2006. It looks pretty much the same as in pictures on Net-A-Porter, maybe it's a bit more blueish gray if I dont remember totally wrong..? :biggrin: Anyhow it's very beautiful!

    Many girls here have one in that colour (I'm still waiting for mine as I just purchased one!!) so if you'll search with word "mousse" you'll propably find many pictures here :o)
  3. Thanks sonja I will go ahead and do that. I didn't know that these were the same.
  4. ...It's confusing as every store has their own name for every colour :biggrin:
  5. both jag & hmwe46 hv the Paddy in Mousse :smile:
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