Dove Greyish/Blue Jumbo Classic Flap with New Chain

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  1. I'm being haunted by this bag!! I swear every Chanel shop I go to it's there, over 3 countries!!

    No picture of it, but it's a really nice greyishblue, lambskin, with the new chain.

    Quite a reasonable price too, 18k HKD, which isn't too bad for a jumbo lambskin considering a medium lambskin goes for 18k too (with old chain)

    I'm just wondering why no one seems to be buying this bag (which is why I keep seeing it I suppose)..

    Deciding between getting this, or waiting for fall collection to come out.. Plus, the lambskin is uber precious but I'm kinda rough (the leather from one of the 3 straps on my rock and chain came out!!), so what do you guys think?

    Also, is there really a rumour that prices are going to increase further on jumbo flaps/they are going to make less of it? It kinda made me anxious to get the jumbo dovegrey/blue lambskin bag!!
  2. wish you had a picture........
  3. Yes, I wish you had a picture too! It sounds DELISH :nuts:
  4. That sounds gorgeous, I wish you had some pics to show us :girlsigh:
    In which countries did you see it, by the way?
  5. I saw it in Tokyo, Hongkong, Macau.

    It is gorgeous, I am pretty sure I have seen it in one of the posts here too..

    On hindsight I should have taken a picture.. I guess because I kept seeing it in the shops I thought everyone would have too.. and actually I could take a picture of it cuz my dad bought it for his business associate's wife.. and THE PAPER BAG IS NEXT TO ME.. but you know I have to say NO TOUCHING NO TOUCHING NO TOUCHING to myself :P

    it is however, extremely gorgeous =(
  6. Hm I can't get its true colour!! And yes I made sure no one was gonna walk into the room before I took the bag out :P But of course I didn't remove the wrapping!! Will post pictures of it when I get home, but honestly, it just looks black to me from what I can see from the camera viewer :/
  7. i know which bag you're talking about-- that grey is really, really gorgeous! i agree, i'm surprised this bag isn't "sold out" by now, i always thought this bag would be an amazing alternative to the grey reissue (even though the shades of grey are so different) and i know there are still a lot of ladies out there who didn't manage to get the grey reissue!
  8. ahhh this sounds gorgeous! i cant wait to see pics!
  9. I saw this colour all over Europe too...but I feel like there have been flaps in prettier shades of blue or grey. That might be why they're still around... :shrugs:
  10. uhmm hahah it's not a picture of the full bag since I couldn't tear the wrapping of course, but hmm, don't know if it's true to the colour, but here goes!

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  11. It is sooo pretty!
  12. it goes really well with the new chain I'd say, for a classic bag..

    the silver chains + the blue/grayness of the lambskin makes the bag pop :smile:
  13. I would said grab it then if you like it, my DH is going to Hong Kong for business so i will ask him to check it out for me.:graucho:
  14. I don't think it's still available here. I only saw beige, black and white here.
  15. it's pretty