Dove Grey Celine Mini??

  1. Do you know what the actual color name for this bag is? I saw it on Pinterest and am in love but I am having troubles finding this online.

  2. I think this is the mini in Souris....
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    There's a grey palmellato mini new this season, but I don't think it has white stitching so prominently. I'm actually not sure if Celine ever made a dove grey mini with contrast white stitching, but I'm no expert. Perhaps our terrific experts could chime in?
  4. I was perusing the Celine 2013 thread and I saw a few shots of what I think is this grey luggage in the background. The colour looks exact!
  5. Agreed. While the colour of the grey palmellato looks quite similar, the stitching below the pocket definitely doesn't stand out....
  6. I think it really does look like grey palmellato, Souris seems to have a texture on the leather which this one does not have. Either way, its a lovely bag :lol: