Dove Evolution Ad

  1. They were talking about this ad on the Today Show this morning. Has anyone else seen it?

    YouTube - Dove ad, "Evolution"

    Amazing what they can do with makeup and photoshop, isn't it?

    Awesome commercial.
  2. i really like dove's ads, but i had a rhetoric in pop culture class where the professor heavily criticized them. his argument was that they're created by the same machine that makes the victoria's secret commercials with the tagline "you - only better", they're just more clever. they still sell a product whose premise is that women need a product (shampoo, lotion, whatever) to look their best, and they're not beautiful enough without that product.

    i'm not sure i completely agree with that argument, but it is rather thought-provoking. i still like the commercials.
  3. I thought the commercial was great.