"doughters resistent" leather?

  1. I need a non scratchy leather for my birkin to be. A "doghter resistent" one. One you can pass a sponge on if the BDs touch it with "choco hands".
    I have a chevre kelly and I thought my nex one could be Epsom but I've seen there are different opinions on Epsom. Some say it's scretchy...
    Which is in your opinion the perfect "doughters resistent" leather?
    Which would you chose?:smile:
  2. Chevre, togo or clemence.
  3. I would like a leather that keeps the shape too...
  4. Epsom is scratch resistant and keeps its shape. Otherwise, since you already have chevre, try togo although it's more slouchy over time.
  5. Hmmmm....I'd have to go with either Chevre, Epsom or Togo as well, Costa. Togo is more "slouchy" that's true but it sure is a workhorse!
  6. How about vache liegee...if not, chevre

    Both will keep their shape and are pretty rigid. I also feel you could keep them fairly clean...probably the vache liegee more than the chevre
  7. Chevre is always my number one but for a second choice, I'd choose Vache LIagee over Epsom. :smile:
  8. from what i've read, chevre or vache liegee do seem to fit the bill.
  9. Togo and Chevre should pass muster. My Togo has a higher grain and I wouldn't sweat it if some milk from my daughter's sippy cup spilled on it...don't know about chocolate-covered hands though. :wtf:
  10. I've chosen Fjord for my Birkin for similar reasons.....chocolatey sticky hands and hard wearing!!
  11. My son spilled some of my Diet Coke on my Togo Birkin and it wiped right off. :smile:
  12. One nite i was at a launch in a shop and a lady spilt a whole champagne cocktail all down my red fijord birkin gasp went the crowds but it just wiped of with a damp cloth....:smile:
  13. OMG!!!! :wtf: