Doubts...rouge 05, rouge vif or rouge vermillion, or...? Need help!

  1. Gals I ask you for help again.
    Next week I will be heading to a bigger city to check out their b-bags. I really want to get my work a little citysister.:P
    But since I saw the 07 colors I'm doubting even more.

    I fell in love with rouge 05 but basically am too scared to go the ebayroute.
    Didn't like the rouge vif that much at first but it has grown on me. They have them in stock and the guy told me their second shipping was really nice and "dark".
    I expected rouge vermillon to be more of an orange but it looks very red and much warmer than rouge vif. But the swatch is so small grrrh.

    I don't know should I wait for rouge 07 and get a gray, truffe or else now ?
    But then it would be too late for rouge vif.
    By now I have only one b-bag (ink work)
    What a stupid dilemma!
  2. I am between 05 rouge and the new rouge vermillon (it looks great and very deep dark color!) so I think you should wait a couple of weeks. Maybe we have more information about the 07 colors or you could buy now the rouge vif and try to save money for spring colors... :shrugs:
  3. I agree with myriamrees, I'm stuck between the rouge vermillion and the rouge theartre at first I decided to buy the rouge vif but I think i'm going to stick round for the spring 07 so I think you should wait for more info on the 07 colours
  4. My problem is that I can't get to that shop very often since it's a nice ride away etc...:crybaby:
    So basically I need to make my mind up until next week. If I decide to wait for vermillion that would meen not getting rouge vif now but a diffrent color since I really want only one red bag.

  5. Why don't you see the new shipment of the rouge vif in person? If it is darker and you *love* it, then buy it. If you still don't *love* it, you can wait until spring.
  6. keep in mind hte swatches aren't always that accurate. the rouge vermillion may really turn out to be bright orange-red. i see the rouge vif as a lighter/brighter version of the rouge theatre
  7. Thanks for telling me, I thought they were the exact color, but again the swatch is really small.
    That doesn't make it easier.:sweatdrop:
  8. Do you want a warmer red or a blue red? I want a red bag but I like a warmer red so I passed on the vif and I am hoping that the vermillion is one that I like. Try to decide based on what you lean towards. It was very difficult for me not to buy the vif because I missed the theater but its TOO bright.
  9. I like the idea of a warmer tone. But actually I want something that looks similar to the 05. Maybe the vif will darken with time ?

    I hate to be so undecided.
  10. catcat...have you been to BalParis or called them? Maybe they could send you pictures and help you find what you want. It would be easy for them to send to you. I asked them about sending me a bag and it sounded like a hassle (pay for shipping, insurance, and then customs of course). So I think I'm going next weekend to see the goods in person. I hope I am decided by then too, because I have no idea what I really want. I just hope I don't leave empty handed!
  11. I called Bal via their website contact number. In the Bal shop Paris they are not as friendly.
    So the guy was great. Rouge vermillon will absolutely be more on the orange side nothing to do with 05 rouge at all. It will be more on the Ferrari rouge side!
    And he sait they will start to hit the stores in january...!!!
  12. Oh, so you called BalParis and they were not nice? I had a similar experience by phone, I hope they're nicer in person :smile:

    I too asked BalNY about spring bags and someone told me December/January, not March like we've heard...but who knows!
  13. January would be great...but not for my bankaccount!
  14. I would purchase a Rouge Vif from NM (you can call around the country and they'll do a charge send for you). That way if you don't fall in love with it you can return it. NM has no time limit for returns (I think it's one year!) - at BNY you can only exchange NO 100% returns. <-- that scares me off from purchasing from them. But that's just me.
  15. Oh whow a year...!!! In France you have 7 days!
    But ordering there would meen taxes and fees and so on which adds about 20 %. I somewhere read that NM does'nt accept visa is that right ?