Doubting my PM pamp, I think I should have gone GM

  1. Ack! I am really starting to doubt my PM purchase, I think I should have gone GM.

    Ladies, am I crazy??

  2. the pm size you got is really nice. isn't the gm really huge?
  3. Is it to small for an everyday bag Twinkle??
  4. OH, BTW the PM is still pretty large...

    PM is 20.4 x 13.8 x 6.7
    GM is 22.8 x 15.3 x 7.3

  5. I think it's fantastic!
  6. Actually, that's why I went with the PM...because even though it's big, I think I can still use it as an everyday tote...but for a beach/pool tote, I think I might need the bigger one, but will probably look to big for every day.....hmmm...
  7. Whoa, huge! Pretty bag, though. :drool:

    Do you feel you can go bigger? If so, you should really exchange it for the larger size, instead. :yes:
  8. If you think the gm is too big for everyday, are you buying it for a specific reason or do you just want a really big bag? I think the pm is really nice.
  9. Well, I am thinking if I want to take it to the beach, pool and outings, I might need more room for towels etc....I was going to sell my blue antinigua, maybe I will keep it and use them together?
  10. why are you doubting it?
  11. i say keep it. you can always carry a towel
  12. I guess, that ole' bigger is better....maybe I just need a reality check, I really get stuck on big bags!
  13. In that case I would get the gm. I would rather take just one bag to the beach or pool. It's so cold here in Dallas today, going to the beach sounds like a great idea!!
  14. From the pics you've shown of what can fit inside, Mary, I have to ask you what, pray tell, do you bring to the beach, woman?!?!:nuts:
    Seriously, get what makes you happy...if you need bigger, go for it!
  15. If you need to carry a couple of basketballs, a small farm animal, or one of your kids in your bag then for sure get the GM.

    :roflmfao: I think the GM is pretty much only for the beach, pool or as a weekender. Both are gorge !!