Doubt with Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman & Amy Adams

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  1. Has anyone seen this? I LOVED it! My husband & I were talking about it for a long time afterwards. We forced friends of our to go so we can all discuss :P The title "Doubt" is perfect. The acting & direction were brilliant.
  2. I haven´t but I will for two reasons; Meryl and Philip Seymor Hoffman. Such amazing actors!!
  3. This was a flashback for me, lol. I would of been in 2nd grade in 1964. Had a school uniform that looked so much like the one in the movie.
    80% of the nuns I had looked just like Meryl Streeps character. The school, went to one that looked just like it. Even the peeling walls. lol
    Still can't figure out the 'group' the nuns belong to by their uniforms. (Only familar with 3, know there are several.) I think they were on the east coast.
    It was very well done. Thought it was funny when the kid got sent to the principles office & she told him to shut up & go back to class. Could relate to this. lol
  4. i loooooooooooved this movie!

    it was so well written. i'd love to see it on stage. the small cast seems like it would make it a very powerful play.
  5. ^^agreed!!! I saw it last night and LOVED it.. Meryl Streep is such a profound, powerful actress!
  6. We are still talking about it too! It is very well done - we can both present most compelling arguments for either side!

    Majid Majidi on steroids!
  7. It's already out of the moveis here. I wanted to see it. Wil wait for HBO.
  8. Watched it over the weekend and really enjoyed every second of it.
  9. I finally saw this movie today.
    I think the 10 people in the theater were the last folks who hadn't seen it yet as it has been out for months and months.
    I went to see it because I wanted to see Meryl Streep's performance, she is just amazing in everything she does.

    I actually read the play prior but never saw it in the theater.
    So good. Hoffman and Adams are good too - - so are the kids, and Viola Davis as the mother of the boy (wow!)
  10. Viola Davis was amaaaazing! She was nominated for best supporting actress!
  11. Viola should have won the Oscar.
  12. I didnt care for it to much. It ended so abruptly. I was like thats it?:shrugs:
  13. i plan to see this