Doubt About My Mbmj New Mimi Turnlock Bag

  1. hi!

    I just got my totally tunrlock mimi in ocean colour. I bought in Zappos. it`s wonderful and soft but i noticed that if i compare it with pics of the mimi in net a porter, there are slight differences: for example, the Zappos one that i bought has the Marc by marc Jacobs graved on the turnlock all in the same colour (black), while the one i saw at net a porter or eluxury, has only "marc" engraved in black and "by marc jacobs" is in slightly white.

    i felt a bit scared as i thought Zappos was a safe site (it`s recommended by Purseblog as authentic shopping)- then i discovered on the Neiman Marcus site that this slight difference exists also on some bags they sell there.
    check this out on this turnlock hobo (zooming you notice it!):
    the 2 bags, exactly the same model, simply different colour, have the different turnlock: can you explain it?

  2. I don't know.. I don't think it's a big deal? :confused1: Zappos doesn't sell fakes if that's what you're worried about.
  3. yes, that was my major concern.
  4. There are fakes for so many bags, but I have never heard of fake Marc by Marc Jacobs bags. There simply isn't enough demand for counterfeiters to produce them.

    I wouldn't worry about it; enjoy your new bag.
  5. is a legit site, dont worry about getting replicas/fakes from there. i think the colours (black or black/white) of the brand name letterings varies from different colour of bags.

    Totally Turnlock Faridah - Black (comes with all black letterings)

    Totally Turnlock Faridah - Stone (comes with black/white letterings)

    Totally Turnlock Faridah - Cordovan (comes with all black letterings)

    hope this helps!
  6. thank you so much!!!! really helpful!
    now i feel more relaxed and already starting looking for shoes to match my brand new bag!