Doubling up

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  1. Does anyone else have multiples of an exact item they love? :love:

    I have two 32cm sellier Kelly bags in black box with GHW. One was a 21st birthday present many years ago and I use it for formal day events; the other was a vintage purchase and I use it for everyday use.

    I have a few scarves I'd like to double up if I ever get the chance. I'd really love another brides de gala in black/white/gold. :girlsigh:
  2. I don't "double up" with Hermes for obvious reasons..........the expense, but I double up on shoes, and other items! :nuts:
  3. I used to double up

    2 sellier 28 (BB and porc)
    2 evelynes (GM togo and PM barenia toile)
    2 picotins (MM clemence and PM barenia)
    3 jiges PM (2 Box, 1 evercalf)
    2 cdc bracelets (chamonix and alligator)
    2 double tours
    doubles of Carre en Carre twill; ex libris GM c/s; Bolduc au carre GM c/s
    doubles in different size/ material of CenC; BdG;

    Now I am becoming happier with just the things I really use and wear a lot.
  4. No doubling up....I believe strongly in cost-per-wear. So, I'll have two birkins for example but they both need to be very different from each other. Scarves can NOT be similar in color/design. That kind of thing.

    I DO, however, have doubles/triples/quads of my favorite basic clothing items.....
  5. Well - yes and no. Not identical, but I have three 30cm togo Birkins in different colors, and a couple of the same scarves in different
    colors. And btw, just got a BdeG in the black/white gold.:P
  6. Yes and no for me as well. Don't do exact doubles. But I have like 6 cws each of les cles & passementerie scarves, a couple of cws of the KenC shawl and some kelly double tours in diff. cws.

    But the other day when I saw a brand new les cles in purple (which I already have and absolutely :heart:), I was thinking of getting another one, j u s t in c a s e :nuts: :nuts:

    ..but having placed an order for several scarves and other items, I restrained myself ;)
  7. Like Butterfly, no exact doubles. Multiple birkins but different colors. And shawls and stoles in same pattern but different colorways.

    I have been sorely tempted to buy multiples of shoes that I love. Nothing is worse than a favorite pair wearing out, not to be replaced. With H, at least with bags, you are likely to be able to replace a favorite if necessary. But I do see your reasoning, if you use one as an everyday, drag around bag.
  8. No Hermes multiples, but regular shoes and clothes yes. If I find something that is great and it fits, I'll buy multiples.
  9. lulilu and india, I totally agree! Nothing worse than your favourite pair of jeans/boots wearing out and being unable to replace them :shucks:

    I also have multiples of nice fitting t-shirts, shirts and jeans.

    My double BBK habit is similar though... it's the perfect bag so I have one for best and one for everyday which I don't mind scuffing. It's probably just a reflection of my boringness though, I can't imagine carrying a bright colour bag even though I think they're breathtakingly beautiful! If I had a rouge H Kelly I'd probably just keep it on a shelf and stare at it in admiration :lol:
  10. I'm a total victim of 'just in case' too! :lol:
  11. I can't afford to double-up on Hermes, but I probably would with certain things like my card cases, because I have enough cards and stuff to fill two and use them both at the same time. :lol:

    But as S'Mom said already, I believe in cost per wear. It's one of the reasons I can justify buying H in the first place, so buying two of the things that I can only use one of at any given time (bags, ties, scarves, belts etc) I just see as a waste of money and a little pointless.

    If the things break, which hasn't happened yet, I would take it back to be repaired. So I see no reason to have two of everything.... just the things I can use two of at the same time.
  12. i cannot afford to double up too but i can totally get OP's, one to keep, after all it's a bday gift and a 21st at that and one as a workhorse.
  13. LOL guilty! But only small items in different colours:

    - 2 bicolor PM agendas (I use them as cardholders too)
    - 2 Le24 coinpurses (yellow & orange chevre - I hardly ever use them, but they are so cute!)
    - 2 Pègase cadenas (gold & pall.)
    - 2 braided Jumbo bracelets (blue & black)
  14. If I really like a design, I will get multiples---but in very different sizes and leathers and colors. So--I have three Kellys: a 35 black sellier in VL, a 35 Rouge H retourne in box calf and my latest 32 Gris T. retourne in Togo. They fill very different roles with my wardrobe. I do have two pairs of the heeled Hermes moccasin, one in black calf and one in brown suede. That is because I have alot of trouble finding a walking shoe that is comfortable and this model fits the bill.
  15. Guilty with Boots. Two pairs of Hermes jumping boots. One with the Kelly lock and one without, a total for 4 pair of black box equestrian style boots, two Hermes.
    (Lets not talk about my 4 pair of embroiderd fleece and two green Chloe boots :ninja:smile:
    I will not wear flats unless they are boots or flip flops. Go figure.

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