Double-zip Paddington bag

  1. anyone know anything more about this new bag?
    when was it released?
    what colors are available?

    Double-zip Paddington bag
    Mouse leather double-zip Paddington bag with silver hardware and large padlock. Chloé bag has a double-zip fastening on top which meets in the middle and is secured by padlock, tonal stitching, chunky signature buckles on either end, slit pockets on both sides and small silver studs. Bag is lined in canvas with a zip fastening internal pocket.


  2. I like it, it's just different enough for me. I hate that colour though. :yucky:
  3. It's called Boston..
    Diabro has the blanc colour...

    gorgeous bag :drool:
  4. I have actually been looking at this one as well - wondering if I will splurge. The chloe boutiques (NY and CA) do have it in stock last week when I called. The CA boutique had it in white, brown, and black. The NY boutique had it in white, tan, argent (metallic silver grey), and light grey/ taupe. Both Diabro and LVR have it in black (they both call it the Boston bag). It is on the chloe website as well. I'll let you know if I buy it and I will post pictures!:yes:
  5. I like it! Just not crazy about the color.
  6. does anyone have a pic of the white color?
  7. would you guys buy this bag?
    if no why?