Double WINE Reveal! Ms. Wine MAB joins her sister MAM

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  1. Many of you know that I've been on a Wine binge for some time now. I dyed a Mini Nikki to make it look like Wine. Then came Bomar's Mini Nikki from the the NYC SS, which I sold to a lovely buyer. And then, I found two Wine bags back to back. I love them both!

    You'll notice some differences in the two Wine bags.
    MAB: Thinner leather, less sheen, leather variation from top to bottom panels, deeper red with brown undertones, smooshier/ less structure due to both the leather type and the size.
    MAM: Thicker leather, shinier, uniform leather/ no variation, deep red with more blue undertones, structured due to size and leather thickness.

    Now for the pics. (warning: there are lots of pics. get ready to fall asleep and wake up to view the rest, if you feel like it :P)



    to be continued...
  2. MAB continued:

    uh huh, new handles!
  3. These pictures are insane!!! I don't know how you do it. What camera do you use again?

    That is the most stunning MAB I think I've ever seen.
  4. MAM:

    L: MAM/ R: MAB[​IMG]
    Sun bathing together MAM on left, MAB on right: [​IMG]
    Together again! [​IMG]
  5. Lynnia, you are too kind! I used Panasonic DMC-LX2 for these pics. :tup:
  6. AHh I love your mab!!!!
  7. Mmmmm....the MAB is like the skin of a very ripe strawberry. I want to bite it!
  8. gorgeous!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks, ladies! :heart:

    I forgot to mention something. I requested handles REPAIR and not replacement of its leathers b/c I was afraid that the new Wine wouldn't match the Wine on this bag. I also asked for some new tassels because mine were near their lives' end.
    The tassels and handles match this Wine MAB perfectly! (I suspect that it's Bomar's Deep Red on parts of this MAB)
  10. Love the MAB! :drool: Her little sister is really cute as well, :P.
  11. You bags and pictures are INSANE! They are gorgeous beyond belief!
  12. Gorgeous bags!!!! I have an older wine MAM with color variation and nonreinforced handles. So you had the handles replaced on the MAB? I had thought about sending in to reinforce the handles not get new ones. Is that what you did?
  13. Those bags are absolutely stunning. I am very jealous!
    That wine color is just divine. :tup:
  14. STUNNING! your MAB is especially amazing. love love love.
  15. Thank you, ladies. :heart::hugs:

    They replaced the handles altogether. New leather, new filling.