Double Whammy Spies!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I got these a few days apart, and here are the pics:
    f6 (2).jpg
  2. I LOVE IT!!! What do you think, Kathy?:graucho:
  3. I love it. Here are some more pics.
    f4 (2).jpg
  4. So gorgeous :girlsigh: , did you get the other one you mentioned in a prev. thread to?
  5. These are my first ever Fendi's
    f2 (3).jpg
  6. It looks FABULOUS on you, Kathy!!!:love: It's a KEEPER for sure!!!:yes:
  7. Having trouble resizing. They are both so different. And I like it that one is dark & the other light.
    f1 (4).jpg f3 (3).jpg
  8. Here's a pic of both:
    f5 (6).jpg
  9. Beautiful! I really want a spy. Congrats!
  10. They're both beautiful Kathy and look great on you!! I hope you keep both!!:love:
  11. Both are GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  12. Congrats! x
    I'm lovin' the silver/gold metallic, its totally on my wishlist!
  13. Congrats!!! The bags look fab on you!
  14. Oh my they are lovely...the silver and gold is a work of art!!!:love:
  15. Jill is like TOTALLY dying to get that Zucca SPY!LOL!
    LMK how you like it and if its comfy!
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