Double trouble very instant reveal!

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  1. So the new collection launched yesterday. I had to work yesterday. Not cool [emoji81]

    In we walk today, and I was already afraid but the old medium caviar Boys were pretty much gone. There were some beige New mediums, not my thing, then a small black with gold, cute but nahh...and then my SA took out this Bad Boy!


    Next, he asked me if I wanted anything else. With the few €€€ saved on size, I asked for pouches and coin purses. And there came my yellow. After a long hunt for a new yellow anything, he did well, very well. Sold!

    Thanks for letting me share [emoji8]

  2. I must add: this more toned down caviar on the Boys is amazing! Really adds to the edginess! So happy to have got one [emoji76]
  3. Congrats on you new boy and pouch! I have the new caviar boy beige in the old mediums size (wearing it today actually) and love it! Glad you were able to score one!
  4. Both took my breath away. Congrats 💛❤
  5. OMGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! love love both your purchases!!! are there anymore of those yellow o cases???

  6. Thanks! [emoji8] ahh yes the old medium beige is nice! They only had new mediums which is just too big for me, actually all the new old mediums were sold. So yes so happy there was caviar anything left [emoji81]

  7. Thanks so much [emoji8]

  8. Thanks so much! [emoji8] I actually asked and this was the only O-case there was at all.
  9. Gosh, gorgeous! If I was ever going to buy a Boy, it would be this one. Super lovely and the yellow colour pop is fab too. Enjoy!

  10. love them both! [emoji16][emoji106]🏻congrats
  11. omg that yellow!! so jealous!
  12. Omgggg soo gorgeous!

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  13. Both beautiful!! Congrats!!!
  14. Gorgeous! Enjoy your beauties [emoji3]
  15. They are gorgeous! Congrats!
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