Double Trouble ***REVEAL***

  1. It's been a while since I've made a reveal on TPF and I've missed it a lot! People here are best supporters in the whole Universe :smile:

    So, starting my reveals with the pair of shoes I am mostly proud of — I've been obsessed with the shape of YoYo for a loooong time... and after I got myself burgundy YoYos it was a slippery slope down the hill... I knew next pair should be ether nude or black and started my hunt :graucho:

    Long story short — I've found the nude ones!
    I am absolutely happy: they fit like a dream, they are super sexy and I get A LOT of compliments on those shoes!
    Now starting a hunt for black ones :cool:

    Thanks a lot for letting me share!
    nudeyouyou3.jpg nudeyouyou1.jpg
  2. And here is my "double-trouble" which hopefully soon become triple :p
    I know buying same model in different colors is silly, but I can't help myself — YoYos and Pigalles are my all time favourites!
  3. Awesome! Buying the same model in different colors isn't silly! It is better then buying a shoe you won't wear!
  4. Congrats! they both look lovely on you.
  5. Love! I know what you mean about finding a favorite. I have 4 pairs of VPs :smile:.
  6. Absolutely beautiful and a perfect fit. Congratulations!
  7. Beautiful additions! And it is definitely not silly to get the same style in different colorways! Congrats!
  8. They're simply beautiful!! Congrats!!
  9. I adore YoYos. They are simply lovely on you. Congrats!
  10. so much of my collection is the same shoe in different colors/skins. nothing wrong with sticking to what you like! especially when it's a classic. congrats on your acquisitions!
  11. Thank you, everybody, so so much!
    I was actually on the fence about buying the same model in every possible color, but after hearing most of you practicing that strategy (not to mention Stilly's collection of piggies) I feel a lot more confident :graucho:
  12. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  13. Very lovely pairs!
  14. Very pretty!!! If buying the same style in different colors was "silly" then I'd be classified as insane! When I find a style I like that fits and is comfortable, I buy it in as many colors as I want. ;)
  15. Very beautiful!! Great colors!! many congrats!