Double Trouble Python REVEAL!!

  1. My first Celine reveal.... :smile:
    I can't believe I took ages to take the plunge into the world of Celine! I have always admired all of you ladies and your lovely Celine bags and have no idea why it took me this long to get started! :p

    For the first one... I have always wanted it when I first saw it being revealed here by the lovely J. And when I found out she was letting it go, I was sooo over the moon! :happydance: I am so lucky to have gotten this from an awesome fellow tpf member.
    I absolutely LOVE python skin so this was a winner for me!!

    So enough of the chatter, let me present to you:

    Celine Stone/Anthracite Python Mini :woot:

  2. And my second one, another gorgeous one in my favourite skin...
    It is a stunning shade of red in sunlight and a dark bordeaux in the night.

    Burgundy Python Mini Luggage :love:
  3. Those are gorg!
  4. OMG, those are 2 beautiful python luggages :love:
    You're so lucky. Celine bags in ptython are rare and you have successfully acquired them in gorgeous colour. :tup:
    Enjoy your new babies.
  5. Stunning bags, absolutely gorgeous congrats!
  6. They are both beautiful! But the burgundy is just stunning! Congrats & enjoy!
  7. Beautiful!! congrats!
  8. Welcome to Celine! Congrats on your two lovely exotic beauties! :smile:
  9. WOW!!! You have 2 of the most stunning mini's I've ever seen!! Congrats on both these beauties! :ps:
  10. exoticallly gorgeously stunning ;)
  11. Waaaaaaaaah I'm dying here >___<
    so freaking gorgeous :heart:3333 Congraaats on both beauties.
    Please post mod pics!
  12. Beautiful bagsm congratulations!
  13. Gorgeous babies! That stone python is TDF!!!
  14. Wow stunning gorgeous bags!!!!!!
  15. Welcome and with a blast!!! Love both!!