Double Trouble: Madison Hippie and a Clutch From the Outlet

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    I stopped by the outlet the other day, with only the intention of seeing if they had the super cute laser cut clutch in that I saw in the FOS, and returning a belt I had gotten for hubby that ended up being the wrong size and instead whipped out my 20% coupon I had gotten in the mail and came away with 2 bags.

    They had a few deleted items in the store lurking over on the delete wall. There was a Mini Tanner in black saffiano leather, a Zebra Kelsey and zebra and red leather Madison Convertible Hippies. I remembered looking at the Hippies back in December and trying to decide if I liked them. While at the store, there was a sweet young lady looking for a minimal type bag for work, and I remember seeing the Hippie's over in the clearance area so I went and got one for her. I thought it looked pretty smart on, very sleek and urban, with nicely designed straps. She ended up buying it and I ended up selling myself one as well! :lol:

    They didn't have the eyelet laser cut clutch out that I had seen on FOS, and I make better purse decisions when I can see and touch them first. (So probably no more FOS for me. I just end up returning too much when I can't see it first.) So I was bummed about the clutch and figured I'd have to wait and see if it showed up later. Then the manager went to the back and found the ones they hadn't got out and it was there. Yay! It's so cute! Perfect for summer! And I had a 20% coupon with me I got in the mail so it was no brainer to get both. :graucho:

    So here they are- The Madison Hippie in red leather (very soft!) and the off white laser cut eyelet clutch.

    The Madison Hippie measure about 10" square with a small pleat in the sides to expand just a little bit (so things don't poke out the side when you put wallets and so forth in it). I kind of wish there was a little gusset/pleat on bottom too, but there isn't and it's just fine anyway. Slim, sleek with a super clever strap design. You can wear it 3 ways. Long crossbody if you pull the smooth part of the strap to the body of the purse (hits me mid hip if I wear it from the shoulder). Short crossbody or long shoulder bag if you pull the strap so the hardware it next to the purse body (hits top of the hip/bottom of torso on me) or my favorite way, as a shoulder purse if you distribute the straps evenly. I had a medium skinny and a small wristlet in it plus my phone and keys in the mod shot. I can also fit my go go wristlet in it, but that looks a little bulkier so I'll probably change to a smaller wristlet for inside this bag.

    The clutch was something I was looking for for summer. It measures about 9x6x2 and fit the same items in it that were in the hippie (Well, not the go-go wristlet as I think that measures almost 9" long by itself. I love the flap and the hardware but wish there were a zipper in there to back up the flap because it's magnetic and I'm always thinking "what if?". Otherwise it's super cute and I love the eyelet design.

    I had to go outside on the deck to take pics as the coloring wasn't coming out right at all with inside lighting.







  2. love the eyelet clutch! bummed that FOS doesn't have it in white anymore.
    the hippie color is so pretty! they both look great on you!
  3. Love them both! I really like the eyelet clutch in white. I've had my eye on it. It's the perfect little summer bag! Congrats!
  4. thank you coachie mama and youngster! They must have run out of the off white pretty quickly! The red hippie is really nice and saturated. It was coming out very pink in the pics indoors and it's not. It's very red. A very nice red (which I am really picky about).
  5. Cute stuff
  6. The hippie looks like a great bag and you can never go wrong with red! I've never seen that clutch but it's adorable!
  7. thank you maybi and bobbyjean!
  8. Love the scarlet Hippie!
  9. Me too! Thank you!
  10. Love the clutch, bag cousins on the Hippie, have in grey birch. Just came back from a cruise and the Hippie really came in handy on my trip. Congrats!:biggrin:
  11. Cute bags!
  12. Thank you Woodranda and Houstonm!