Double Trouble - which tan paddy from 2005?

  1. Never Used

  2. Should Be Used

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  1. Okay - here they both are..... I thought it would be way more obvious as to which one I would love more. They are both absolutely fabulous and the differences are so subtle. One has been 'loved' a little more, but that almost adds to it's appeal - a little bit more slouchy, richer in color from use, and the other looks like it has never been used, but because of this is not quite as soft (quite because it is pretty soft...) and does not have as much 'personality' yet, but it is like looking at a Brand New 2005 paddy - 2 years later - and I would have the chance to 'break' it in. I wasn't sure I would need a vote, but now I think I do (plus it's fun :p ) . So.... let the voting begin!
    ps excuse my awful back step - I wanted to get some with as much natural light as possible. The bag on the left in all photos is the one that we will call 'never used'. I'll call the other one 'should be used' :smile:
    comp 001 (Small).jpg comp 003 (Small).jpg comp 006 (Small).jpg comp 008 (Small).jpg
  2. "Never Used" is in the top on the last photo...
  3. too hard to decide.

    If everything is the same side by side, i'd choose the new one. But you're saying the leather is different and the color is slightly different so it's really a toss up for me.
  4. ^^^^I agree. I can hardly tell them apart. The 'should be used' is slightly slouchier but, as you said, that could be through use.

    This is tough. D & G made a good point about keeping the newer condition one but, if you prefer the leather on the more used one...

    Here's a way to force you to choose:

    (assuming you and all your loved ones are safe) - in a housefire, you have just enough time to go into one of two rooms and grab one of the bags.

    Which one do you choose?!
  5. I can't tell them apart - they both look divine! If it were me, I would pick the one that had never been used I think......but it is hard :shrugs:
  6. I'm a little confused. Are you polling on which of these to sell? Or which one you should use? I have this colour too from the 05 line and I love it.
  7. i'd also go with the newer one since they seem so similar ... and you will have the chance to give it that personality ... but they are both gorgeous so you can't go wrong!
  8. ilove2shop bought TWO Tan Paddies as they were both good in photos, coming from reliable sources. She bought one, then next day saw the other and was in a dilemma. She decided to get them both, then see what they were like in real life, side by side, before choosing to keep ONE of them. That is what this poll is about - to get our opinions on which one she should keep, which one she should let go.
  9. Thank you thelace! I vote for keeping the new one.
  10. I vote to keep the one that is slightly broken in: I love the richer color and the texture of the leather
  11. Thanks thelace! I had to be away for a bit - back now and yes - this is exactly correct. BTW - I love your "if you had to run back into a burning building" scenario :roflmfao: .... that is so funny... and sadly ..... so true. It is going to be a tough decision as you can clearly see - neither decision is going to be "wrong". They are both amazing bags. I am very lucky and blessed. :yes:
  12. I guess the newer one because of life span issues but it really is a toss up. Ya can't go wrong!
  13. I prefer the one on the left. It has more texture and pebbles/wrinkliness. It'd be a plus if it is also the never used one. Also, the sliding bars on the handles on the right hand ones are starting to fray at the ends while the one on the left still has the unused look. Hope that helps!
  14. ^ I agree with lordguinny! The leather is soooo much more smooshy on the left one! You can see the smooshiness in that side view! And that last picture! :drool: You can't really tell the difference in the first two pics, but the last two... definitely!
  15. difficult...they both look great and they both have their pluses...the pre loved one look better in the first 3 pics than in the last one...lordguinny pointed out that the handles are starting to fray so the new one it is...
    would you let us know which one you chose?