Double Treat!!

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  1. Just got these!!



  2. That is a treat! Instant awesome stack!
  3. Wow, congrats! I have the same two! Hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I do! Btw, your sweet looks huge!
  4. Wow that looks so classy. Beautiful pairing.
  5. niiiiice! woo!
  6. I have a tiny wrist so maybe thats the reason? or it could be the result of the close up!
  7. hehe my wrist is small too but I guess not as small as yours! The sweet looks tiny on me! The links on your sweet look bigger too. Must be the close-up of the camera! Congrats again!
  8. They look beautiful together!
  9. Ahhh... I saw your thread and I'm speechlesss!!! Amazingly breath taking triple!!!
    I'm so excited even though my stack is still missing a piece! I guess you know what I mean :graucho: oh but dont feel guilty for enabling me coz that has always been my ultimate dream! :P ;)
  10. Gorgeous!!!
  11. wow I love them! congrats! I couldn't resist a thread that was titled double treat :biggrin:
  12. Congrats! Such a beautiful set! I was tempted by kohl as well to get the Clic Clac. :drool:
  13. looks great! i have a small wrist too so you're thread is a good reference. thanks for sharing!
  14. Gorgeoussss!!! Congrats!
  15. Hope you can get your Love soon :smile: I took a closer look at your pics and your clover is indeed bigger than mine! My clover can fit into the niche of the H like this:

    (Sorry about the bad pic - a hair got caught in the prong of the clover!)

    I knew the craftsmanship of each alhambra was different (i.e., different links between motifs, etc.) but I never knew the clover sizes varied!! How strange!

    I love this pic of the sweets and loves. This was MY inspiration!!

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