Double Toki-Happiness, my Foresta BV just arrived too lolx

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  1. LOLx much thanks to envii~


    I'm totally overwhelmed by the adrenaline rush from receiving 2 foresta babies within a span of hours...lolx
  2. congrats! can we see whats inside?? :biggrin:
  3. will upload tonite..hehe shall get my SO to take nice piccys of them with his SLR mobile's cam is so sucky!
  4. Congrats!
  5. Boo-hoo....:sad: I missed the mailman. I wasn't home when my Foresta BV from eNVii was delivered. Have requested for it to be sent to the post office at my work place and the earliest I can get it is Monday....:Push:

    Congrats, birki!:yahoo: It's so great that you can start using both your forestas this weekend:P
  6. :sad: oh dear! i can understand how u feel mandy...the feeling of it being here but yet cannot see it...

    i learnt from experience too I usually get my items delivered to my office in cause my mum's not at home..

    hehe will be using my Foresta Zucca today! lolx i can't wait hehe
  7. congrads babe!!! envy.... green with envy... i also want to get my paradiso or foresta.. but i just cant make up my mind.. tight on budget.. trying to find myself the best deal. haiz...
  8. That's take a pic of you using the foresta zucca to mark the day! And please post it so that all of us can :drool::drool:. Congrats, again!!:tup:
  9. birki Haha it feels weird to see my "scribbling" on a photo someone else took! :P
    Great to know it arrived so fast!!
    Shipped on the 29th arrived on the 30th - there's still hope in the Malaysian/S'porean Postal Service yet! :tup:
    mytokiluv awww I just PM'd you to ask if you've gotten yours or not... you can only get it Monday??? :wtf:
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