Double Swagger?

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  1. Hi - I am an OG that has not been buying bags for a while - the leather lined bags from Coach have pulled me back - I see the sale going on and like the look of the Double Swagger - does anyone have one and like it? Is it practical? Heavy? Is it wearing well? It is too large? I notice only the Double Swagger has leather lined - I just have to have at least one leather lined bag - I love it! Even most high end bags do not have leather lining. Thanks for any help!
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  2. So sorry for the double post! I am really out of it lately
  3. Check the Swagger clubhouse in one of the Coach subforums towards the top of the page. There are lots of pictures and discussions from other owners of this bag.
  4. I did check out the sub forum -mostly pictures of bags - I am looking for more opinions
  5. I have one (the black and orange colorblock) and while I don't carry it often, when I do it has MORE than enough room. It has a bit of heft to it even empty but the inside is basically large enough to hold what you need in the everyday and then some in terms of essentials (possibly even large enough for a small tablet, but I don't have one so I can't say with certainty).
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  6. I have some shots of myself carrying the bag here:

    Overall, great bag. My only nitpick, as I state in my review, is the fact that the strap doesn't have more adjustment points, so the "crossbody" setting is WAY too long for someone my height to make use of. I can actually use it crossbody on the "shoulder" length setting if I'm not in a winter coat, though, so it's not a complete fail.

    It's a larger bag, I guess, but I do not find it to be overly so. It's a wonderful size for work. The compartments are just as I like them -- easy access HUGE front slip pocket, and a large main section inside. There is also a small inside slip pocket.

    The leather lining is beautiful, and was absolutely one of the main draws for me. :smile: I can't say much about weight, as I'm generally not too bothered by heavy bags. It's definitely lighter than my Rogue 36.
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  7. Just went to all the nearby dept stores and not one of them had a double swagger - but I do notice the regular swagger is on the small side and glad to know it is very lightweight -
  8. I don't think double Swagger will be at any Dept. Store as it is considered a 1941 bag.. ( in Minnesota - Only found at one Coach Store ).
    I just bought Tobacco DS..
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  9. Can you, or a leather shop, put another hole/s in the strap to shorten it?
  10. I have the double swagger and I absolutely love it! When I first saw it on the website a trance came over me, and when I came to I had an email confirm for my order :angel:As you already know there are no interior dividers as the bag is just one open space. For some that's annoying, but personally I love open bag interiors because I can just remove my bag organizer from one purse and place it in another without having to individually remove each item. As far as the wear, it's holding up great. No visible scratches on the bag itself and the hardware is still shiny. As far and the size and if it's too heavy, I may not be the best person to answer. For me, there is no bag too large! Plus, I routinely carry heavy bags, so the weight of my purse would have to be like 20 pounds before I'd notice anything, LOL.
  11. I am thinking of getting in faux or tobacco
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  12. Hi Nancy. I've been off the forum for a while because of health reasons. I was just browsing a bit and saw your post. Where in VA are you? If you're in Northern VA, Coach at Pentagon City had a few (I got the Apricot and I love it). Fair Oaks may also have some. Good luck!
  13. I used to live in Fairfax and loved going to the outlet in Leesburg - they had great deleted bags from the boutiques- now I am in Sarasota, FL and have to travel 20 miles to an outlet and the next Coach store is about 50 miles away in Tampa -
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  14. Sarasota is one of our favorite vacation spots (especially Lido/Siesta key):smile: We always hit Ellenton outlets and have lunch at River Roo. Great area you live in!
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  15. Anyone have pics of the dusty rose double swagger? I can't tell if it has any orangey undertones to it. When I search " dusty rose" on the coach site the color looks so different depending on the item.