Double Stroller?

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  1. Here's some background. My 1st child is now 18 months old. I stayed home with her for 4 months and took her out a lot, maybe 3-4 times a week by myself when I was on leave. I am not pregnant with baby #2 who is set to be here in about 7 weeks. I will stay home with him for 4 months as well. The 18 month old is very, and I mean very active. She doesn't really stay in her stroller but when she's out she runs--and I mean fast. I took her to the mall by myself on Saturday and really struggled. 8 months pregnant, running after a fast toddler--you get the picture.

    My quesiton is, do you think I'd get much use out of a double stroller? Since the older one is so active I am not sure if I'll be able to get out of the house by myself with the two of them (and survive).

    I'd appreciate any advice from anyone with expereince in this department. Hubby and I keep going to the Baby store to check them out. Not sure if I should get it now, wait, or not get one at all.

    Opnions please, and thanks in advance!!
  2. Well, my sister had her second son about 2 years apart. Her first was very active. We purchased the Phil and Teds double stroller for her and she still uses it today. She put the baby on the bottom in a carry-cot that's sold separately and her older son in the main one. It's perfect because it isn't the side-by-side double stroller so it's easier to maneuver. So whenever he older son wanted to run around, she let him and it didn't feel like she was lugging around a large stroller.

    Here's some info on it!

  3. Thanks Kuuipo. We actually were playing with that exact stroller on Sunday. We put big diva girl in the back and on the top. I really like it but hubby not so much. There was a really pretty bright lime green one that I wanted.
  4. My children are 18 months apart. My daughter just turned 2 and my son is 6 months old. Even though my daughter likes to walk, 10 of my footsteps equal about 30 of hers.... so... obviously, she gets tired. We did a ton of research and we ended up buying the Mountain Buggy Urban Double Stroller. Its a little pricey and it can be a bit heavy as well, but the side by side seating with the feel of the stroll... is great. :smile: It feels like a Bugaboo. The wheels on the MBUD are very nice and even though the stroller looks wide, its not that wide. It fits through most handicap accessible areas. :smile: Hope that helps!
  5. Errrr, I think maybe a single stroller with a platform for her to stand on would work well. Do you plan on using a sling or anything? If so, you could put the small baby in the sling when your daughter doesn't feel like standing anymore
  6. That one looks lovely!!
  7. Thanks! This is exactly what I need to know. We use a Baby Jogger which is very similar to the Moutain Buggy (I almost got the Mountain Buggy) and I forgot all about the fact that they have doubles! Did you use your infant carrier with it when baby was younger?
  8. I also second this Sit N' Stand stroller! I have used it for 3 years - when my second was born and my first was just 3 yrs. old. Just used it at Disney - and it was ESSENTIAL to have!!! Negatives are that the front seat cannot recline all the way, so the child using that seat will have to lean his/her head at an angle onto the canopy for a nap; and the other is that it's pretty heavy. Other than that, it's excellent for busy older siblings and slim enough to push thru crowded stores and easy to maneuver.
  9. i bought the joovy ultralight- i have nephew/nieces w/me some days, so i thought that this would be handy- and it is. it's only slightly larger than a single stroller, can accomodate an infant seat, and the toddler can sit or stand. i really love this stroller.
  10. My first two are 19 months apart and I ended up purchasing the mountain buggy double stroller which I absolutely love to pieces. My oldest son was also very active and I was skeptical that he would stay in the stroller, but I figured that he was too young to walk around everywhere. It was better to have the double stroller than not.
  11. You should def get the double stroller, and not forego it for a single stoller w/ a platform. Your child is only 18 mos. old. My son is 3 1/2 and I thought I would junk my stroller by now, but even at that age they get really tired and can't walk that far.