Double Strap Bag for school UPDATE

  1. I am thinking of getting a Burberry bag for school, but before I invest in one, I am not sure the ones I am thinking about are big enough. All I will need to put in there would be 1 binder, wallet, keys, and cell phone.

    Here are the ones I thinking of getting:
    The Burberry Double Top Tote Bag

    Or the Plaid tote (this one is a little expensive)

    The problem with the Tote is that it is open, which I'm scared about. Any opinions or thoughts would be appreciated!
  2. I like the second one for school because of the side pockets for quick access to little things you might need (iPod, pen, cell, etc.)

    As for open top, are you worried about the contents spilling out? It doesn't sound like you'll be carrying too much around in there so it doesn't seem like it'd be an issue. If you were like me when I went to school where I carried everything and the kitchen sink, I'd be worried ;) I Hated quick stops in the car when the purse fell over and the purse threw up all my contents. :|
  3. I owned one in nickle color so it's obviously ur first pic is my choice :p

    The SA teach me how to handle non zipper bag as her client told her how they overcome the problem, u just put the dustbag into the bag and u put ur stuff in the dustbag.. great idea i feel :yahoo:

    hope it's useful for u to take into consideration :tender:
  4. I like #2.
  5. I actually just bought the first one on your list, and i really like it. I've never been a burberry fan but i LOVE this bag. It will hold a binder, and all the other things you listed.

    its great :smile:
  6. I own the first one, so that is my vote.
  7. i prefer the first one!
  8. The first one! It's beautiful. Just don't leave it anywhere that someone can reach into it, and put your more valuable items in a pouch clipped inside.
  9. I really like the first one.
  10. Love the first one!!! I'm going to buy it right now!!! It's a great bag!!!
  11. Well~ I bought it!!!:yahoo: The bag in the first picture!!! I totally love it. It's big (I love big bags) and it is so comfy on the shoulder!!!!:tup:
  12. [SIZE=-1]Congratulation :lol: GREAT BUY :tup:

    Hope u enjoy the bag as much as i do :love:
  13. Patz~ I LOVE this bag!!!!!!!!!!!!:love::love: I am totally in love with it!!!!! Thanks!:heart:
  14. Well, I bought the double strap bag, and today was my first day carrying it. Everyone loved it. Well, when I got home, I noticed it had stains on it! My VERY first day wearing it, too. Apparently, it got dyed from my jeans and it was raining so that is what apparently happens. Burberry was great and offered to let me to ship it back and return it. I'm thinking of whether I should get another bag or just get another bag entirely..Does anyone have any recs on what I should do? Get the same bag, and be extra careful with it (even though I'm using it for school)? Or..I might get this one:

    Or not just deal with it at all and get an Anny Corinna City Tote?
  15. Congratulations.