Double Standards

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  1. what do you they think are the most blatant, annoying, frustrating double standards that exist between men and women ?

    Dont women love men with confidence ? although it would make some men's dream come true to have their roles reversed, it won't happen anytime soon. Women like to be chased as much as men like chasing them.

    Do you think men hate the fact that, if they try to use their charm, they're immediately labeled players whose only ambition is to sleep with as many women as possible?
  2. Hmm...yes, I think that there are lots of double standards. One of them that I encounter the most is that is is OK/acceptable/normal for a man not to want to have children, but most of society is suprised when a woman does not want children.

    My fiancee and I don't want to have kids. When people find out that he doesn't want to have kids, they are very understanding and polite. However, when people (some, not all) find out that I don't want children, they are much more ataken back.
  3. I hate it when men sleep around they get approving nod´s and when women sleep around they are called whores.
  4. Times are changing - I never wanted to have children and my husband always did - people knew this and accepted it because they knew how I was. Well- I did give into the pressure and had two children in my 40's who are 4 and 2 now - I have not regretted it at all.

    Isofar as the "whore" thing - women who sleep around will always be considered "whores" and I have heard of men being called "whores" also.
  5. Mine is for the men - it's okay for women to cry but not men. I actually think it's very human that a man cries. Nothing wrong with it. But society perceives it as weak (especially among men).
  6. I hate that a male business executive can be driven and aggressive and this is viewed as "normal" but when a woman business executive is driven and aggressive, she is viewed as a *****.